Top Couples Halloween Costume Ideas of 2014

Finding the PERFECT couples Halloween costume takes time, creativity, and often times, a whole lot of DIY.

Get on the ball this year by preparing now for you and your other half’s best costume yet.

We’ve rounded up the top couples Halloween costume ideas below. You’ll find some classics as well as some big 2014 cultural hits. Which one is THE one for the two of you?


Bank Robbers

(image credit: Her Campus

Have you stolen one another’s hearts? Might as well rob a bank then while you’re at it. (*Disclaimer, Beau-coup does not recommend that you actually rob a bank. Just sayin’…).


Plastic Army Men

(image credit: World News Press)

This couple wins Halloween… and life. If you two are down to go ALL out, take a cue from this awesome couple.


Tinder Matches

(image credit: Moms Who Wine)

This costume is actually pretty easy. Design a cardboard cutout using the above image as a guide. Include 2 square cutouts for you and your partner to stand behind. Voila, it’s a match!


The Kiss

(image credit: ivillage)

Remake this iconic image for an uber-romantic couples Halloween costume. Just think, you’ll get to kiss all night!


Google Maps

(image credit: Reddit)

This costume is equal parts romantic, relevant, and easy to make.


Lego Love

(image credit: FLAVORWIRE)

With the Lego movie out this year, this couples costume is a fun way to stay current!


Breaking Bad

(image credit: Entertainment Weekly)

Pay homage to the end of an era with matching Breaking Bad costumes.



American Gothic

(image credit: ivillage)

Or keep it classic – way classic with this rendition of Grant Wood’s iconic American Gothic painting.


Jack & Jill… After The Hill

(image credit: Coolest Homemade Costumes)

This easy DIY “Jack & Jill” costume is easy to make and super funny!