Top 5 uses for old bridesmaid dresses

(image credit: Bridal Guide)

In sticking with the theme of bridesmaid dresses, here’s a top 5 list of things you can do with those lovely taffeta numbers hanging in your closet:

1.  Of course the most altruistic gesture would be to donate your dresses.  There are a number of organizations and causes to choose from.  Groups like Glass Slipper, Fairy Godmother and Princess Project all provide under privileged high school girls with evening wear so that they can go to their proms in style.  If your cause is environmental, check out Excess Access; they’ll help you find a way to donate anything to keep your stuff out of landfills.  You can also support the homeless by donating your bridesmaid dresses to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

2.  For those handy with a sewing machine, the oftentimes shiney material of bridesmaid dresses can make fine decorative pillows and sachets which then make nice gifts.  It can also be choice fabric for the inside lining of a purse or cosmetic bag.

3.  If you have bridesmaid dresses as outrageous as some of the ones worn by  Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses then you can easily repurpose as Halloween costumes.  Finding a good milkmaid costume isn’t easy!

4.  Again, for crafty people who can sew why not make formal wear for pets?  A satin dress for Fifi and a matching vest for Fido that they can wear to the next poodle party.

5.  Lastly, if you’re lucky you might have a bridesmaid dress that you actually can wear again.  They always tell you to cut it and turn it into a cocktail dress, a tank top, a skirt or a wrap.  But seriously, that never happens.  It’s a good thing we have options.