Top 15 Baby Shower Games: Part II

What’s that you say? You want even MORE baby shower games?! Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Turns out you guys went pretty wild for our original Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games article so we decided to do another round-up of our best baby shower games. Here are 15 additional game options guaranteed to keep you and your guests entertained, laughing, and guessing throughout the entire shower.


(image credit: Beau-coup)


1) Celebrity Morphs

Ever wanted to see what your future baby with Brad Pitt would look like? With the aid of an image morphing application like Morph Thing, now you can! Print out multiple variations of you + a hot celeb, hubby + a hot celeb, and then a final version of just the two of you. Pin these images up for guests to take their best guesses as to which “baby” is actually the combination of the actual parents to be.


2) Name The Baby

Still haven’t decided on a name? Then let the people vote! If you already have several options that you’re mulling over, post these names up on a poster board and invite guests to vote for their favorite. Try using cute baby themed labels as vote markers.

If you’re completely open to suggestions, provide an empty acrylic bowl with paper slips and pencils nearby for guests to submit their ideas. It’s essentially a baby name suggestion box, but you get the ultimate veto power.


3) Balloon Diaper Game

The object of this game is to see who can diaper the most balloons using safety pins and cloth diapers. Blow up as many balloons as you can, and then set the timer for 5 minutes. During this time, have your players put on as many cloth diapers on balloons as possible using safety pins. Popped balloons and ill-fitting diapers will not count.

For added drama and excitement, use confetti balloons that explode with confetti when popped!


4) Celebrity Baby Name Match

Apple, Pilot Inspektor. Believe it or not, these are real celebrity baby names. Turn Hollywood’s creative baby name obsession into a fun shower game by creating a list of celebrities on one side of a sheet of paper and a list of their baby’s names on the other side – mixed at random. Instruct players to match the baby name to the correct celebrity parent. The first player to match all correctly wins.


5) Diaper Messages

Similar to a guest book, guests can write down their well wishes or advice on baby’s soon-to-be diapers. It’s a sweet activity that all guests can participate in and it will make diaper changing a much more pleasant experience for the parents!


6) Sculpt A Baby

Let your guests get creative with a game of baby sculpting. Have guests gather around a craft station supplied with nothing but Play-Doh. Using their fingers and imagination alone, instruct them to create their best version of what baby will look like. You might be pleasantly surprised by the hidden talents of your guests!


7) Baby Themed Musical Chairs

Organize a fun (and undoubtedly competitive) game of musical chairs at your shower. But give it a baby shower twist by using plastic kiddie chairs/stools and choosing a baby themed song like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears for a raucous good time.

Expectant momma will probably want to stand back and watch as the competition heats up!


8) Onesie Cookie Decorating 

Decorating onesies is a tried and true baby shower activity, but how about onesie cookie decorating? Prior to the party, bake onesie shaped sugar cookies, cool, and lay out next to frosting and cookie decorations at the party. Have guests try their hand at cookie decorating by inviting them to creatively decorate a onesie cookie that’s good enough to eat – literally.


9) Baby Stroller Obstacle Course

If you’re hosting at a location with a big backyard or shared space, try setting up a baby stroller obstacle course. You can use cones, tape, or whatever “obstacle” of your choice. On “GO”, have 2 players race each other by pushing their strollers through the course. The first player to make it to the finish line wins the match!


10) Baby Due Date Pool

Betting on a baby due date pool is even more fun than an office Superbowl pool. For those that choose to participate, have them place bets on when mommy is going to deliver (you can suggest $5 per bet or whatever amount you’re comfortable with). They should be guessing the exact day, hour, and minute to be considered for the game.

Once baby is delivered, the guest with the closest bet wins the entire pool.


11) Name That (Baby) Tune

Prior to the shower, create a playlist of “baby” themed songs – any song with the word baby in it. Start the game by having two players play against one another and arm them with a buzzer or bell each. Begin the game by playing a snippet of a song, once the player figures out the song, have them buzz in and then correctly name the song and artist. The first player to correctly guess five songs wins!

You can increase/decrease the amount of songs guessed for a win consideration, depending on the amount of shower guests. If you’re hosting a large party, keep each match to only three correct songs so that everyone gets a turn.


12) Pregnant Twister

Have players strap on fake pregnant bellies to begin a game of pregnant twister! It’s a hilarious time for the players, expectant mommy, and guests as everyone watches how the players navigate through the game with their new belly bulges.


13) Baby Shower Word Scramble

Choose a list of words relating to pregnancy, baby, motherhood, etc., and then scramble each word on a sheet of paper. Make enough copies for the shower and have guests figure each word out by unscrambling and writing down the correct answer. The player to unscramble the most words in a fixed amount of time wins the game.


14) Break The Water

This game is best played outside as it gets wet! Choose at least five volunteers from your guests. One player will be the guesser while the others are “pregnant”. Have the guesser step out of the game room while the other players prepare by putting on an old tee-shirt, and stuffing the front with a filled balloon.

One balloon should be filled with water. Have the guesser come back out to guess which “pregnant” guest’s water is about the break by safely popping the balloon belly (through the tee-shirt) with the use of a pin. If water starts gushing out, the guesser wins! If not, then invite a new guesser and keep going until the water break is finally revealed.

As a treat for the “pregnant” player, prize them with a sweet towel gift for being such a good sport.


15) Baby Animal Game

Create a list of animals on a sheet of paper with enough copies for the shower. Have guests guess each animal’s correct baby name for a fun game of fill-in-the-blank. For example, next to “Dog”, guests should fill in “Puppy”. First guest to complete the sheet wins!

Try using more difficult animal names to keep the game exciting (e.g. – Swan: Cynet, Whale: Calf)