Find The Perfect Coffee Recipe (Food & Drink!) Guaranteed To Awaken Your Senses

Here’s the deal – we pretty much want (need) coffee all.the.time. So dedicating a post entirely to finding the perfect coffee recipe seems like a pretty good idea all on its own. But with the introduction of our new personalized K-Cups, this “good” idea just got upgraded to flip-your-lid-fantastic.


(image credit: Beau-coup)


Now, when you think of a coffee recipe, don’t do yourself the disservice of only assuming “beverage”. Coffee is extremely versatile and the flavor profile is perfect in drink, dessert, and even savory form. Get ready, cause your coffee fueled inspirations are here!


Coffee Affogato

(image credit: A Family Feast)

We love this affogato recipe because it’s easy to make and you likely already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.


Coffee Short Ribs

(image credit: Epicurious)

This is a prime example of how delicious coffee can be when used as an ingredient in a savory dish.


Mint Iced Coffee

(image credit: Home Sweet Eats)

We’re Bay Area locals, so our interest was piqued by the idea of this mint iced cofffee. We wonder if this version parallels the uber-popular mint mojito iced coffee version from Philz Coffee?


Coffee Ice Cubes

(image credit: Simply Delicious)

Speaking of iced, we’re totally into the idea of using frozen ice cubes in iced coffee. Keeps your iced drink chill and undiluted!


Spicy Coffee Rubbed Steak

(image credit: Food Network)

This flavor combination seems so divinely obvious, we’re kicking ourselves for never having thought of it before!


Coffee Ice Cream

(image credit: Roti & Rice)

If you’ve been keeping up with Team Beau-coup, you might have noticed that we’re slightly (lots) obsessed with ice cream! So, it only makes sense to include a delicious coffee ice cream recipe in this round-up right?


Coffee Cake

(image credit: Lil’ Luna)

While coffee cake technically isn’t prepared with any coffee, it’s a classic coffee accompaniment. For that, it definitely makes the list.


Coffee Cupcakes

(image credit: Roxana’s)

But if you are looking for a coffee flavored pastry, might we divert your attention to this coffee cupcake recipe. Coffee batter AND coffee frosting… yum.


Coffee Frozen Popsicles

(image credit: the view from great island)

We saved these handsome little guys for last! They’re A) adorable and B) completely melt-your-mouth delicious!

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