“The One” Wedding Event: What Really Happens At An Exclusive Bridal Show

We were lucky enough to attend “The One” wedding event at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel – San Francisco this past week. This exclusive bridal show is a dress rehearsal of sorts where over 30 wedding specialists were in attendance at the luxe hotel and spa. Premier wedding vendors such as Vera Wang, Bloomingdale’s, and many more were present.

If you happened to have become engaged during the recent “engagement season”, than you’re likely to be attending a wedding event similar to this very soon, but in the case that you missed THIS exclusive event, then take a walk with us now. We’re here to share our adventures from this lavish bridal show where we ate delicious treats, saw some beautifully inspiring designs, and participated in some out-of-the-box fun activities!

Welcome To The Show!

As we walk into the show, we are immediately greeted by these gorgeous Vera Wang dresses! Talk about inspiration right out of the gate.

In this room, we sipped mimosas and shopped Vera. “Hello heaven, we can die now. Thanks.”

The Room Of Sweets

Next, we meander into the wedding sweets room. (I know, how can this adventure possibly get any better?!) In this room we immediately notice some color trends.

The above cake by Bicyclette is beautifully tiered and finished in gold. Looks like the gold trend is NOT going anywhere fast. If anything, it’s being incorporated with seasonal colors. We love how this cake designer paired the metallic gold with a Spring aqua.

Up next, we head into macaron land!

These tasty macarons from Gerhard Michler are so elegant when individually displayed like this.

Next we ran into Lauren from Sweet Lauren Cakes. Her cake pops are so expertly crafted, they look too good to eat (but not really because we definitely chowed down)! To our joyous surprise, she also offers pie pops! Let’s just say we had to be rolled out of this sweet room…

The Dining Room

From the dessert room, we head into the dining room where beautifully designed tablescapes were arranged for your inspiration pleasure.

There was a “photo booth” set up in this room by The Laugh Box. They specialize in documenting your events with fun photos minus the actual photo booth.

Look at us… getting down! Cleopatra meets Kanye?

The Art Room

Another fun activity offered at the wedding event was a guided paint class by Art Social. We didn’t have time to partake, but from what we saw, there were some happy budding artists in the mix.

We were however, able to make it to The Poetry Store.

Here’s Winnie getting her custom on-the-spot poem. What does it say Winnie?!

In this same room, we spotted these cute custom wedding cake toppers.

While we don’t know this bride and groom personally, we’d still bet our bottom dollar that this replica is pretty spot on!

We Bid You Adieu

This was our last stop of the wedding tour. The sky deck of The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Not a bad way to go we’d say.

We hope that you enjoyed taking this guided tour with us and are feeling inspired and excited for your upcoming event. Here’s to a successful bridal show!