The Must See Secret Frappuccino Menu From Starbucks | #NationalFrappeDay

October 7th is National Frappe Day! What better way to celebrate than by drinking a delicious frappuccino? But before you to rush off to Starbucks, you need to see their secret menu! We decided to share a few of our favorites but encourage you to check out the entire Starbuck’s online secret menu to discover all the flavors out there. Find one that you love and please let us see what frappuccino you’re celebrating with today by tagging a photo with #NationalFrappeDay and #beaucoupfavors. We can’t wait to see!

Caramel Flan Frappuccino 

Unfortunately, this frappuccino is only available in Japan. It’s too bad because the blend of coffee, sweet custard pudding and caramel sounds absolutely amazing!

Green Tea Kit Kat Frappuccino 

(image credit: Starbuckssecretmenu)

Green tea kit kats are pretty hard to come – usually only available in specialty stores or overseas. But this drink gives us that kit kat flavor we crave by blending an original green tea frappuccino with white mocha syrup and java chips. Yum!

Marshmallow Dream Bar Frappuccino 

(image credit: Starbuckssecretmenu)

For all the marshmallow lovers out there – this frappuccino is for you! The ingredients include a creme base marshmallow frappe, with vanilla bean powder, milk chocolate, whip cream, and mocha drizzle.

Hojicha Frappuccino With Earl Grey Jelly

20150326183541-starbucks-frappuccino-hojicha-frappuccino-earl-grey-jelly (1)

(image credit: Entrepreneur)

Sadly, this is another frappuccino that is only found in Japan. It’s a blend of Hojicha (a Japanese green tea that is roasted over charcoal) and Earl Grey jelly. The addition of Earl Grey flavor sounds so good. What a yummy alternative to an original green tea frappe!

Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino 

(image credit: Delish)

This frappuccino starts off with a coffee base. It’s then layered with cookie and brownie crumbles and topped with cream cheese moose and cocoa powder. Almost sounds better than tiramisu itself!

Have you ever tried a frappuccino from Starbucks’ secret menu? What was it and what did you think? We want to know your favorite flavors!