Technology Etiquette For The Bride-To-Be | #NationalTechiesDay

October 3rd is National Techie Day! To celebrate, we’ve been learning all about the proper etiquette of using technology at a wedding. We love how technology makes sharing and finding information easier than ever before – but have you ever found a time when it’s inappropriate to use? We are all for using tech to help plan and celebrate your wedding day but found a few technology guidelines we feel are worth sharing with all brides-to-be. Keep reading to find out when is the right time to pick up or put down the phone, tablet, and laptop.

(image credit: Bridalmusings)

Call your closest loved ones first 

Congratulations on your engagement! But before you let your entire social world know the news, it’s best to call your parents and any other close relatives or friends. They will appreciate you taking the time to let them know the exciting news before they see it on Facebook first.

Refrain from counting down every single day 

“Only 34 days until my wedding!” “Wow, only 33 days until I’m a Mrs! ” “Can’t believe I will be a wife in 32 days!” A bit much right? It’s okay to countdown the days until your wedding, but there is no need to post about it every single day. We love that you’re excited but trust us, your social media friends will get tired of your daily posts.

Save surprises for the big day 

Let your guests be surprised with details on the actual wedding day! Posting pictures of special details such as your dress or first dance song ruin fun surprises for your guests! It’s okay to show or tell a select few, but your entire guest list and/or social media friends list do not need to know ahead of time.

Let your guests know when it is appropriate to take photos and share information

It’s a good idea to ask your guests to put their phones and cameras away before the ceremony begins. Aside from your hired photographer, no one should be snapping pictures – it’s much better to just be attentive! It’s also important to ask your guests to be mindful about what they post on social media. If there is any part of the day that you don’t want to be shared online, tell them. And if you want to be the first person to post a picture of your first dance, let them know that too so that they don’t beat you to it.

Remember  to ask your guests to turn their phones on silent 

Anyone’s phones going off during an intimate moment could cause a major disturbance. Don’t forget to ask your guests to silence their phones before someone’s ringer goes off during the ceremony, speeches, or any other special time.

Create a wedding hashtag 

After reminding guests the appropriate times to use phones or cameras, ask them to tag any photos they share with a wedding hashtag created by you. That way, you can see all the posted photos from your big day in one convenient place. At the appropriate times depending on the couple, it is nice to have guests take photos of their own. That way no one is left out on the big day.