Tea Party Bridal Shower Favors: 1 Box, 3 Ideas

Just in time for your tea party this spring, we’re happy to share three of our favorite tea party bridal shower favors to stick in our teapot favor boxes! With inspiration from our new Love is Brewing collection, we decided on favors that are perfect for the traditional-meets-modern bride-to-be. Take a look at our three picks below.

Tea party bridal shower favors

First off, how adorable are our teapot favor boxes? Featuring a beautiful teal, gold, and floral design, these mini favor boxes also feature the look of a lid, spout, and handle. They really do look just like a mini teapot! We’ve gotten so many compliments on them, which is why we knew they were the perfect packaging for this project.

Tea Sachets 

Tea sachet bridal shower favors

You can’t go wrong with our first favor of choice — sachets of tea! We suggest packaging a few of your favorite flavors of tea into each teapot favor box or letting your guests choose their favorites from a tea bar. (For a tea bar, simply set up different flavors of tea in baskets or bowls on a table.) It’s simple yet, undeniably a delicious favor for guests to take home.

Flavored Sugar Cubes 

Flavored sugar cubes bridal shower favor

We must admit — we like to take our tea with a lump or two of sugar. But to spice it up a bit, we suggest giving your guests flavored sugar cubes. Available in lavender, lemon, mint, raspberry, and rose, these sugar cubes add just the right amount of sweetness and they look gorgeous, too. Try packaging a handful in a sheer organza bag and sticking it in the teapot favor box for a fun presentation.

Plantable Confetti 

Plantable confetti bridal shower favor

Perfect for spring, this plantable confetti makes for an extra unique favor. Colorful and eco-friendly, simply put a handful or so into the teapot favor box. (You can also put the confetti in a sheer organza bag first, then stick the bag into the favor box.) Let guests know that this special confetti is made of paper and wildflower seeds, and all they have to do is scatter the confetti outside. With a bit of time, your guests will enjoy gorgeous wildflowers in their yards.

Which of these three ideas is your favorite?

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