Guest Blog // “Something Blue” Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Today’s guest blog post comes from Jennifer Chou of Bumblebee Linens. Jennifer shares some creative ways to add ‘something blue’ to your wedding day.

Recently, one of my younger cousins got engaged and needed some advice regarding what to carry as her “Something Blue”.  She faced a common dilemma.   Because her wedding colors were red and orange, she was afraid that her “Something Blue” would not match the surrounding decor.

Furthermore, she didn’t want anything overtly blue from clashing with her carefully chosen wedding attire.   Finding your “Something Blue” can often be a little tricky, so I thought I’d share some of the ideas that I presented to her.

Carry A Wedding Handkerchief
First off, I know my cousin very well and she’s a crier.  She cries at movies.  She cries at weddings. Heck, she even cries at television commercials. So there’s a very high probability that she’s going to cry during her wedding vows.

And I can relate too, since I’m a crier as well.  When I got married,  my greatest fear was that I’d be up there at the altar bawling without anything to dry my tears of happiness.   After all,  I didn’t want to look like a mess with runny makeup and a red sniffly nose once the tears started flowing.  Most importantly, I didn’t want pictures of myself carrying ratty tissues in any of my wedding shots.

So my first “Something Blue” suggestion was to carry a wedding handkerchief.

What’s great about wedding handkerchiefs is that you can embroider your initials, your name and your wedding date in light blue thread and use it to dry your tears at the altar.  And once the ceremony is over, this hankie can also serve as a personalized keepsake of your special day.

Wear A Light Blue Garter
Another subtle way to carry your “Something Blue” is by wearing a light blue garter.  And by wearing a garter, you also have the option of taking part in a popular European wedding tradition where the groom removes the garter from the bride and tosses it to his unmarried friends.

Blue Garter Set

I’ve been to several weddings that have followed this tradition and they have all been a lot of fun!  According to superstition, the unmarried male wedding guest who successfully catches the garter will be the next man to be engaged to marry.

Later on during the reception, you can even have the man with the garter dance with the woman who catches the bouquet!

Sew A Personalized Label To Your Dress
Back when my grandparents got married, wedding gown designers used to attach special personalized labels inside the lining of their dresses for their clients.  By embroidering the bride’s monogram or the wedding date on this label, it made the dress feel unique and added an extra special touch to an already special occasion.

Blue Dress Label

Today, that tradition is making a comeback.  You can make your wedding dress truly unique by sewing a personalized wedding dress label into either the lining of the gown by the hem or near the bodice on the back, where a typical dress label would go.

And what do you embroider on these labels?  The best part is that you can put whatever you want.  Some brides like to include their monogram and wedding date.  Others may opt to embroider both the bride and groom’s names along with the wedding date.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you include something personal and meaningful.

And once the wedding is over, you can keep this label as a special keepsake.  After my wedding, I created a photo box which displayed our wedding invitations, our programs and other special memento’s that made our day unique.

Add Something Blue To The Sole Of Your Shoes
There are many vendors who sell shoes with blue soles.  But even if you’ve already purchased your wedding shoes, you can still add a touch of blue with these cute rhinestone stickers!  Applying these stickers is very easy and they stay very nicely to the bottom of your shoes even after a long night of dancing.

{Photo Credit: MonAmour Boutique}

Hidden subtly beneath your feet, you can have stickers made that say whatever you like.  But because there’s very limited space under the soles of your shoes, I recommend using either a single or a 3 initial monogram.  If personalized stickers are not within your budget, then I recommend simply purchasing one of the already made ones that say “I Do!”

Either way, it’s a great way to add a subtle splash of blue to your outfit.

Have You Chosen Your Something Blue Yet?
Just because the color blue doesn’t match your wedding colors doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take part in this popular wedding tradition.  Hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas to expand upon!

This post was written by Jennifer Chou, who loves to write about anything bridal at Bumblebee Linens.