Something blue

Color seems to play as big a role in weddings as the food, or the music, or the venue. Okay, maybe not in quite the same way, but it certainly does get a lot of consideration. One of the first things a bride will decide when planning her wedding is the color scheme. My girl friend is getting married next year, and blue is her favorite color, so that was the easy part. But today I had a lengthy discussion with her about flowers (one of my duties, as a bridesmaid), because she wants some color in the bouquets, but is worried about the colors clashing with our blue dresses. In the end, I think she decided to go with white calla lilies so as not to compromise the blue. But my point is, color is important for setting the tone of the day. You want to choose something that suits your mood, but also fits the season. My friend’s wedding is going to be in the summer, on a beach, so blue happens to be perfect. This fall we saw a lot of browns, and gold. They’re the new black, and the new silver, respectively, and they’re also warm, autumn colors, if you think of the leaves changing from green to golden yellow and earthy browns that represent the harvest season. For the upcoming winter weddings, icy blue and platinum are popular choices, as is garnet red. During spring and summer we saw a lot more fun color combinations. This past year pink and brown was all the rage. And we also saw pink paired with green, and brown with baby blue. Next year, the buzz is blues. Any shade from washed out sky blue, to vivid teals, greenish turquoise, and aquamarine. These colors will be splashed all over the runways. But if you don’t want to overdo the blue for your wedding, think of subtle ways you can work it into the details, and maybe use several different shades of blue, to soften the look and give it texture.

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