Purple for Fall and Winter Weddings :: A Collaboration

We are beyond excited to share our most recent collaboration with some fabulous wedding experts from the San Francisco Bay Area. The theme was “Purple Passion”, and we focused on bringing two looks to life, one for fall, and one for winter.

We loved having these lovely ladies over for an afternoon of table styling and photography. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our photo gallery! But first, some introductions are in order!

On photography, we have Ms. Jasmin from Jasmin Van T Photography. We asked Jasmin a few getting-to-know-you questions. Here’s what she had to share about photographing weddings:

Q. What is your favorite part about working in weddings?

A. As a photographer, my favorite part of working at weddings is being able to take photographs that capture unforgettable memories of the bride and groom interacting with the guests; and I love helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera. The most significant part about working at a wedding is being able to be part of a special moment of two loved once and capture creative and beautiful images of this magical day.

Q. From where do you draw inspiration when you’re working?

A. I receive and collect my inspiration from my individual clients, every wedding is unique and
has its own outstanding story to tell. Depending on the theme of the wedding and what the taste of the bride and groom is, that is where all the magic happens. I become creative and start my work.

Q. What’s your advice to other aspiring wedding photographers?

A. When you are the chosen photographer at a wedding, I think it is important to stay in touch with your clients before the actual wedding date. Building a relationship with bride and groom is helpful to make them both feel more comfortable and relaxed when taking photos of them.


Next up, we have Ms. Michele of Healow’s Flowers. Michele’s knowledge, and passion for florals comes from growing up around the family business. Here’s what Michele had to say about weddings, flowers, and trade secrets!

Q. What is your favorite part about working in weddings?

A. Working with the brides! We like to get to know them and bring out their sense of style in flowers

Q. From where do you draw inspiration when you’re working?

A. I moved from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay where we source a lot of our local flowers. The beauty of nature really inspires me. I take walks and bike rides along the beach and am always inspired by the scenery around me. Brides also provide a lot of inspiration through their personalities! Our work ranges from classic, to wild and free flowing.

Q. What’s a trade secret you don’t mind sharing with our readers?

A. A secret I love to share with everyone is, change your flower water! This helps the flowers last longer. You can just hold back the flowers, pour out all the old water and replace with new in your kitchen sink. Another great tip is to make sure there are no leaves below the water line as they promote bacteria growth and lessen the life of your fresh florals.

Of course, our tablescapes would not have been nearly as gorgeous without the styling expertise of Ms. Jessica of Pink Cloud 9. Like any great wedding planner, Jessica travels with an emergency pack complete with safety pins, asprin, band-aids, and all kinds of items that could save the day in a pinch.

Q. What is your favorite part about working in weddings?

A. Seeing the weddings all finished right before all the fun begins!

Q. From where do you draw inspiration when you’re working?

A. Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Brides. I have a monthly subscription to almost all the bridal magazines.

Q. Do you have a wedding planning pro tip for brides and other event planners?

A. Keep records of everything, produce lots of tools and guides to help stay organized and give yourself some time to plan that way you can actually enjoy the process and save some stress.


Finally, a huge thanks to Kristina of LinenTablecloth for sending us beautiful linens that set the perfect backdrop for our “Purple Passion” themes.

Q. What is your favorite part about working in weddings?

A. Weddings, for us, are real human stories woven together in action. Simply beautiful. To be a part of a wedding is like taking part in a new wonderful story that is waiting to be told. Whenever our brides come back and share their pictures with the linens in the background, we always find ourselves struck in awe. Not just because our tablecloths and other linens looked gorgeous, but also because of the convergence of wedding ideas after long months of planning. How the table accents came together and formed a meaningful combination–that is our favorite part.

Q. From where do you draw inspiration when you’re working?

A. The thought of being able to help a bride create her dream wedding. Especially the do-it-yourself brides who are looking for more value for the money set aside for their wedding. We also love looking at StyleMePretty.com, BurnettBoards.com, EmmalineBride.com, Beau-coup.com, and other industry influencers.

Q. What’s the secret behind the success of LinenTablecloth?

A. Perfect mix of product quality, affordable prices, customer service and pre and post sales support. LinenTablecloth is a huge advocate of customer care. We view every bride, site user and vendor as a client that we need to serve. We’re passionate about the thought that we’re in the service business and it just happened that we are selling linens. So, every single day, we try to think of ways on how we can enhance people’s shopping and website experience. We went as far as creating a tablecloth sizing tool, an event venue layout planner and a wedding budget worksheet because our customers will find them useful.


For more information about…

Jasmin Van T Photography, visit www.jasminvantphoto.com.
Healow’s Flowers, visit www.healowsflowers.com.
Pink Cloud 9, visit www.pinkcloud9.com.
LinenTablecloth, visit www.linentablecloth.com.