Pretty Ways To Display Sunglasses At Your Wedding

Sunglasses make for a wonderful wedding favor. Not only are they practical, they are also personable, colorful, and a perfect prop for photos. Your guests will thank you for saving their eyes from the sun, and will look cool while doing so. Here are some of our favorite creative ways to display sunglasses at your wedding.

With The Table Setting 

(image credit: Elizabethannedesigns)

Isn’t this a cute addition to the dinnerware? This idea works great for a wedding where dining takes place outdoors. Perfect for the hot afternoon sun, or evening sunset.

Around A Tree

(image credit: Jilldevries)

This is such a surprising and unique way to display sunglasses. Try coordinating by color, and using as place card holders! Guests get a special gift while looking for their seat.

In A Bucket

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

A bucket full of sunglasses is cute and so easy! Now all you need is a pretty sign to go with it. We love this idea for a country style wedding.

Along The Sand 

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

What’s better to give then a pair of sunglasses at a beach wedding? Doing something as simple as lining sunglasses in the sand makes for a great display. Just make sure your guests have a cue as to where the sunglasses are – we don’t want them overlooking what’s beneath their feet.

Packed In A Suitcase

(image credit: Houstonweddingblog)

Having sunglasses inside of an old pretty suitcase is perfect for any bride who loves to travel – so fun and unique!

An Upside Down “Rainbow”

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Any bride who loves color will appreciate this. This easy display looks like a rainbow, and is an easy solution to keeping your wedding sunglasses all in one place.

On A Chair Seat

(image credit: Popthechampagneevents)

You can’t get much simpler then this – try  displaying a pair of sunglasses on each chair seat. Your guests will easily have their pair when sitting down for the ceremony, and have the benefit of no sun in their eyes during the ceremony too. Try adding ribbon for an extra touch.

Hanging On A Chair

(image credit: Poptasticbride)

Simple like the display above, this is another take on having the sunglasses ceremony ready. Trust us, your guests will be thankful for this favor!