Museums: A Surprisingly Simple (and Gorgeous!) Wedding Venue

There’s an old adage that applies perfectly to wedding planning – location, location, location! When you’ve got the right venue, everything just tends to fall into place. And here’s an amazing venue option you may not have considered – museums. Many museums and galleries have ballrooms they often rent out for weddings and special events. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect venue, here are three great reasons to have your wedding in a museum:

Show off your Style

Adding a ton of personality is as simple as picking your favorite museum.

happy couples pose by works of art in indoor and outdoor museums
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Love science? Have a nerd-tastic wedding at your local natural history museum or find a technology museum full of all your favorite gadgets. Adore contemporary art? Check out a big city museum of modern art. Stoked over sculptures? Plan an outdoor wedding in a local sculpture garden.  Picking the perfect venue leads to point number two…

One Stop Shop for Décor

Quite literally, you don’t need to bring anything except yourselves and perhaps the food.

happy couples get married in and around art museums
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The whole building was designed to be pleasing to the eye. Rather than starting from a blank canvas, you get to enjoy the finished masterpiece with very minimal effort other than booking the venue and planning for the number of guests in attendance.

Get Creative with Cakes

And finally, who said the only art on display had to be hung on the walls? Put a different kind of masterpiece on a pedestal – a pretty art-inspired cake!

waterlilies by monet themed wedding cake
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tiffany stained glass style wedding cake
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It’s almost a shame to dig into cakes as gorgeous as these, but it’s not every day you get a delicious little work of art just for you!

jackson pollack style chocolate drizzled wedding cake
{ image credit : Painting with Brains }

Bonus: Your Big Day Helps Support the Arts

During tough times, everyone feels the pinch, especially museums and other fine arts organizations. Not only will you get a fully decorated venue with all the trimmings, you’ll help preserve the beauty of the building for future generations. Who knows – maybe your kids will follow suit and get married in the very same spot!