Medieval-Inspired Wedding

Step into the past with a Medieval-inspired wedding

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a traditional wedding, some couples are looking for that extra bit of flair to make their special day that much more memorable. Believe it or not, you can take inspiration from a particular period of time without turning your nuptials into a costume party.

If you fancy yourself a history buff, a Medieval-inspired wedding is a beautiful and original way of coming together with your betrothed.

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Instead of sending out standard invitations, mail your guests scrolls decorated with fanciful script. This could also be a great chance to reconnect with a friend who knows calligraphy. And don’t be afraid to go for the gusto! Pair your dramatic wedding dress with an ornate hairpiece. Allow the colors to be emblematic of royalty and help you distinguish yourself on your big day.

The wedding table can be buffet-style, with you and your love sitting at the head. Clusters of candles and lavish flower displays in the middle will help set a romantic mood throughout. And don’t forget to direct your guests to their tables using fleur-de-lis place card holders – they’ll add an antique touch to the proceedings and are a great way to get your friends and family into the spirit of the occasion.