Learn How-To Do These Special Effect Halloween Makeup Looks

Maybe you’re running low on time, energy, and creative juice this Halloween… Well, get ready to hit that refresh button with these Halloween makeup ideas.

These makeup effects can be thrown together for a last minute look that’s totally rad and totally Halloween worthy. Some are pretty, some are scary, but all are downright awesome.


How-To: Black Swan

(image credit: Refinery29)

This one falls under the “pretty” category. Grab your best black tutu and vibrant makeup tools to create this look! Get step-by-step directions on creating this look at Refinery29.


How-To: Scar Face

(image credit: Mallatt’s)

This wicked cool looking scar will give you instant street cred. Get the look from Mallatt’s.


How-To: Blood Wound

(image credit: Special Effects Makeup)

This one definitely falls under the “gory” section. But hey, if you’re out of cute and cuddly costume ideas, give this a try! Find instructions at Special Effects Makeup.


How-To: Skeleton Face

(image credit: Snapguide)

Head on over to Snapguide to get a step-by-step tutorial of this Halloween makeup look.


How-To: Zombie

(image credit: Oregon Live)

Walking Dead inspired and a great way to re-use torn-up clothes. Get the look with help from Oregon Live.