Keep Them Happy & Busy With Fun Wedding Kids Activity Table Ideas

If you’re reading these, then you’ve likely decided to include children to the wedding guest list roster. While this decision can be extremely thoughtful, adorable, and sentimental, some hurdles remain.

Keeping younger guests entertained at the wedding can be a challenge, but if you arm yourselves with proper table activities, they’ll be happily entertained throughout the evening (so that you can happily dancing the night away).

Here’s the ultimate list of kids activity table games.

Board Game

(image credit: Rooted In Love)

Forego the elegant table centerpiece for a rousing, age appropriate board game.

Personalized Word Search

(image credit: Wedding Chicks)

Easily DIY your own kid friendly version and be sure to include personal tidbits about your own love story.

Custom Puzzle

(image credit: Cafe Press)

A customized puzzle acts as a kid friendly reception activity as well as a fun favor for guests to take home.

Play Pack

(image credit: POPSUGAR )

Create your own play pack filled with toys, crafts, and snacks.

Paper Placemats

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Try using paper placemats in lieu of fancy folded napkins and fabric tablecloths for the kids table. Sophisticated placemats like the one above will provide style as well as act as a child’s drawing board.

Filled Lunch Pails

(image credit: Front Room Photography)

Every kid looks forward to opening their lunch pails to find out what’s in store. Give them that same thrill at your wedding by creating fun-filled lunch pails for the reception.

Personalized Crayons

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Place personalized crayons at the kids table with blank paper, activity kits, etc. and invite them to let their imaginations run wild!

Separate Kids Area

(image credit: Wedding Party)

If space allows, consider allotting a designated kids play area. Fill with hula-hoops, board games, and toys to keep the little tykes entertained.

I Spy Game

(image credit: Cherry Blossom Events)

Place a disposable camera at each kid’s seat with an “I Spy” game. They’re sure to be entertained and busy the whole evening by hunting down the I Spy items!

Custom Crowns

(image credit: Style Me Pretty)

Invite your tiny guests to create their own custom crown by placing cut out paper crowns and crafting supplies like crayons and pencils at the table.

Snack Pack

(image credit: Once Like A Spark)

Try leaving a fun snack or snack pack on each child’s place seating. Animal crackers are a healthy and tasty option.

Personalized Coloring Books

(image credit: Beau-coup)

An easy solution to keeping the little ones entertained is by handing out these personalized wedding coloring books.

Coloring Clipboard

(image credit: Mod Wedding)

If you’re DIY bound, give this easy to assemble crafty clipboard a try.

Chalkboard Table Runner

(image credit: Beau-coup)

We love this option as the chalkboard table runner looks great for a rustic, outdoor, or vintage theme – but it also acts as a blank art canvas for the kids.

Draw a Card

(image credit: Elizabeth Doo-dah)

Invite your smaller guests to leave their wedding wishes byway of a DIY greeting card.

Block Candy

(image credit: Beau-coup)

This option marries the snack + play route. Conveniently block-shaped candy tastes as yummy as they are fun.

Building Blocks

(image credit: Buzz Feed)

Or leave out a bowl of “real” Lego building blocks and invite the kids to help you build your love.

Activity Placemats

(image credit: Beau-coup)

For a surefire win, hand out these ready-made activity placemats. They include punch-out, wearable accessories.