Irresistible Treats For Your Superbowl 50 Party!

Whether you’re a Denver Broncos fan, a Carolina Panthers fan, or just an overall football fan, we’re here to help you make Superbowl 50 a fun event! One way to do that? Satisfying your taste buds of course! We found some cocktails, mocktails, and desserts that look absolutely irresistible and knew we had to share these not only mouthwatering but festive edibles. Inspired by the Broncos and Panthers themselves, take a look at these tasty treats, and get ready to throw a great Superbowl party! Just click on the links for full recipes.

Denver Broncos Cupcakes 

(image credit: Horriblehousewife)

Game Day Kool-Aid Candy Popcorn 

(image credit: Ourbestbites)

Sugar Cookie Bars 

(image credit: Letsdishrecipes)

Layered Mocktail 

(image credit: Thesisterscafe)

Denver Broncos Rice Krispie Treats 

(image credit: Twosisterscrafting)

Paw Print Cupcakes 

(image credit: Pinterest)

Carolina Panther Punch 

(image credit: Lifeloveandsugar)

Carolina Panther Oreos 

(image credit: Foodnetwork)

Panthers Jello-O Shots 

(image credit: Delish)

Almond Joy Cookies 

(image credit: Letthebakingbeginblog)

Who will you be rooting for this Superbowl? Do you plan to make any of these treats for game day? Please feel free to let us know with a comment – we would love to hear from you!