Ideas and Inspiration for a Cherry Blossom Wedding

Lucky for us, its the time of year where cherry blossoms are blooming around us. With the delicate and sweet look of the blossoms, we can’t help but be awed by their beauty. In fact, cherry blossoms have been marveled at for many years, especially in Japan where the blossoms resemble the fragility and beauty of life. And with that in mind, we thought what better time to enjoy the blossoms then on your wedding day. Unfortunately, cherry blossoms are only in bloom for a short period of time — usually for just a couple of weeks in March or April — so you have to be strategic about your venue and date if you want to include fresh blossoms into your big day. But not to worry, there are plenty of other inspirational ways to include the blooms in your wedding whether that be a color scheme, prints, or fake flowers, Take a peek at some of our favorite ways to incorporate cherry blossoms and their beautiful pink color into your wedding below and don’t forget to check out our cherry blossom wedding gear, too.

Engagement Photos 

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Set the tone of your upcoming wedding by taking your engagement photos among cherry blossom trees. They make for stunning photography.

Wedding Venue 

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If you’re lucky enough to find a venue with cherry blossom trees, we say take full advantage! You and your guests will without a doubt, be awed by all the natural beauty.

Along the aisle

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Make your wedding aisle extra pretty by tying cherry blossom branches to the chairs that line the walkway. Pink and brown ribbon are a great way to tie the branches to the chairs.

Bride Accessories 

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When it comes to the bride’s attire, add a hint of pink and blossoms with accessories such as shoes, a headpiece, or a sash.

Groom Accessories 

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For the grooms boutonniere, don’t forget to add a touch of cherry blossoms! Mixed with other flowers such as a white rose, this makes for an extra beautiful look.


(image credit: Marthastewartweddings)

Inspired by the cherry blossoms light hue, we suggest having your bridesmaid wear a dress that is a delicate pink.


(image credit: Ruffledblog)

Opt for a cake that’s adorned with hints of pink and cherry blossom garnish. You may even want to choose a cake with cherry flavor.


(image credit: Designsponge)

Choose a signature cocktail for your big day such as this cherry blossom inspired cocktail which is made of flower-infused vermouth, gin, and cherry jam. And don’t forget the pretty garnish!

Pink Supplies 

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As far as supplies go, we love the idea of incorporating light pink pieces such as our vintage glassware. It’s just the right shade, and a great way to give a nod to cherry blossoms without being too literal.


(image credit: Beau-coup)

For favors, we suggest gifting your guests with an item such as cherry blossom soap, coasters with a cherry blossom design, or mint tins adorned with a cherry blossom design. They’re all practical, and give just the right amount of a hint to your theme.

Do you plan to include hints of cherry blossoms in your wedding?

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