How To Turn A Love Poem Into A Work Of Art

Expressing your feelings can be difficult, let alone with such beautiful language. Which is why we think that love poems are some serious pieces of literary art. But the works of art we’re talking about today go beyond that. We took a couple of our favorite love poems and decided to turn them into more. Keep reading to see how we brought our three ideas to life.

Tote bag

Creating a tote bag with your favorite love poem or quote on it is easier than you think. All you need is a blank tote, an iron, a printer, and transfer sheets. We used Jolee’s Easy Image Transfer Sheets found at our local craft store. Simply print out your favorite poem or quote on the transfer sheets (follow the sheets directions on which side to print and peel back), and iron on.

 Framed art

For this project, all you need is paper, a printer, and a frame. Print out your favorite love poem or quote and simply place it in the frame. It instantly turns into a classy work of art.

Gift Wrap

To create gift wrap, you’ll need paper, a printer, tape, and string. What we did was repeat our favorite love poem over and over again on a word document until the entire page was full. Print it out, and simply wrap! Use tape to keep the paper in place and tie a bow with string on top for an extra pretty package.

Who knew making a work of art would be so easy? Which of these ideas do you like best? How else would you turn a love poem into your own work of art?