Tip of the Day #1: Easy Peasy Whipped Cream In A Mason Jar

Tips, life-hacks, how-to’s, whatever you want to call it, we’re here to give them to you! Introducing our “Tip Of The Day” series. We’re in the business of celebrating but you know what, sometimes celebrating is hard stuff. The party planning, the organizing, the creative pressure… yikes!

But don’t fret my pet, we’ve got tips to help you along the way so that even you, the hostess with the mostess will have a fantastic time at the party.

(image credit: Bakeaholic Mama)

Today’s tip can be found on Veronica Armstrong and comes just in time for Thanksgiving! Pecan pies, pumpkin pies, coffees, you know what these things all have in common? The must-have addition of whipped cream! This year, skip the store bought stuff and keep the mixer in the kitchen. For this tip, all you need is a little elbow grease… and maybe a good sports bra.

(image credit: Veronica Armstrong)

To start, fill up a mason jar halfway with heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla. Put the top on and shake it momma! Shake for about three minutes (or until it reaches your preferred consistency) and voila! Easy peasy homemade whipped cream without all the muss and fuss. Happy Thanksgiving shaking and be sure to stay tuned for future tips!

(image credit: Veronica Armstrong)

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