Happy Movember!

(image credits clockwise from top left: Archieli, Cake Central, Style Saint, Pinterest, Pinterest, Armen Atoyan, Beau-coup, Doodle Love, Betty Crocker)

Movember is an annual event (occurring in November) in which men grow moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other related men’s health issues. The rules are varied. Some grow moustaches, some still use trimmers, some stop shaving altogether! But the end goal remains, to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to encourage men to get themselves checked out.

(image credit: We Heart It)

What’s that we hear… can’t grow a moustache? No worries! Women are certainly not exempt from the Movember efforts. Many women forego shaving and waxing for the month. Some even rock Movember themed nail art! So even if you can’t grow a ‘stache, you can still show your support.

An even better way to show support is to donate. Due to the popularity of this phenomenon, many No Shave November and Movember organizations are in existence. So participate however you can. Donate, grow a ‘stache, show support, and share this post. It’s all for a good cause and it happens to be a whole lot of fun too!

Still confused about how to grow a proper moustache? Hear it from the Moustache Man himself, Nick Offerman (aka, Ron Swanson).