Guys and wedding planning

Does it seem like your guy is just not that interested in the wedding?  I know this isn’t exactly a newsflash, but men don’t care about having the perfect wedding as much as women do.  There are of course exceptions to both parts of that statement…but in general, I think it’s safe to say that as far as planning goes, girls, you’re on your own.  Unless of course you find out what parts of the wedding day your groom is interested in and you make those his responsibilities from start to finish.  The key is to gauge his sincere interest.  You don’t want to simply assign a number of seemingly easy tasks to your groom because then his involvement runs the risk of being meaningless.  For example, we get calls from grooms sometimes inquiring about favors and most of the time it is obvious that they have no idea what they’re talking about.  And a lot of the time they’ll tell us right off the bat that they’re only calling because their fiancés asked them to call.  How meaningful is that?  But once in a while we get to help a guy who clearly has a vision about his wedding favors, has done some research and is genuinely excited about finding what he’s looking for.  So if you want to get your man involved and helping out, ask him what he thinks is important.  Maybe take mental notes about the things to which he pays particular attention when you attend other people’s weddings.  In my experience, this tends to be the music, the slideshow and the alcohol.  Remember though that once you decide to hand over responsibility, don’t micro-manage him.  If it’s important to him, he’ll do a good job.  Trust in that and you’ll both be just fine.