Fun Friday // Have you ever considered KFC for Christmas?

What do witches, a sand man, and Colonel Sanders have in common?

…if you were thinking Christmas, you are absolutely right!

Don’t worry if you don’t automatically associate those things with Christmas.  We didn’t either before we learned how many different ways there are to celebrate the holiday.

We make a big deal out of Christmas every year. With all the bright lights, colorful presents, holiday parties, and hordes of Santas, what’s not to love? However, we really wanted to do something different this year, so we went on the hunt for interesting international Christmas traditions. What we found might really surprise you!

Click here to read more about out Christmas rituals, traditions, and off-the-wall celebrations from around the world. You’ll learn some crazy facts, including which country’s people can’t celebrate Christmas without KFC and where people spend Christmas day building snowmen out of sand.