Flower Bars: 3 Ways to Include the Newest Wedding Trend at Your Event

For the bride-to-be who’s crazy about florals, we couldn’t think of a sweeter idea than including a flower bar at her bridal shower or wedding. So, what’s a flower bar you ask? We describe a flower bar trend as a station where numerous flowers are displayed for guests to pick and create their own projects.  It’s a hot new trend that’s not only a great way to get guests interacting with one another, but also makes a fun and unique favor. There are plenty of fun ways to execute this idea, but we’ve decided to share our favorite three. Take a look at some of our top tips for setting up a flower bar as well as three of our favorite concepts for this new trend.

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  • When selecting flowers for the bar, we recommend going off the theme or color scheme of your event. Find a good flower market ahead of time and let them know what type and how many flowers you need. (Side note: we recommend picking flowers that don’t have thorns.)
  • On the day before the event, clean and trim the stems of each flower. It’s best to trim the stems at an angle, which allows more water to take in. If you accidently bend a stem, be sure to cut that part off. Otherwise, no water will take in at all. You’ll also want to cut any leaves or branches off the stems for a much cleaner look. Keep in lukewarm water with flower food overnight.
  • On the day of the event, fill vases or other flower holders that your guests will be taking home approximately 3/4 with lukewarm water and flower food. Set up all the flowers in one section of your venue using buckets that again, are filled about 3/4 way with lukewarm water. Remember, you may want to set up according to the type, size, or color of flowers, but feel free to get creative! And don’t forget to include any needed extras at your station such as packets of flower food, scissors, floral tape, tags, or labels.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at the three concepts!

1) Flowers in vases 


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Let guests put together their own bouquets by providing them with a variety of flowers and vases. You may even want to opt for a variety of bottles, jars, or floral wrap — that way your guests can choose their favorite look. Place on a table or shelving and let guests get to making their own creations at their own convenience.

2) DIY Flower Crowns 

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Another way to use a flower bar at your bridal shower is to include supplies for guests to make flower crowns. Again, set up your flowers in buckets for easy access, and include multiple scissors and wire. You may also want to include florist tape, ribbon, or other decorative items. And because this project requires a little more effort from your guests, consider providing a seating area too for their convenience.

3) Petal Toss 

(image credit: Somethingturquoise)

Having a wedding toss is a fun extra to your big day, and we love the idea of tweaking the flower bar concept into a “petal toss” bar. Following the same basic idea, set up a station where guests can choose their favorite petals to stick in a paper cone, bag, or jar. (We recommend looking into freeze dried petals, which won’t wilt.) They’ll have so much fun tossing their mix of petals as you make your grand exit! And a bonus — this makes for stunning photos.

What do you think of this fun idea? Which of the three concepts is your favorite?