Fishbowl Centerpieces

Whether your wedding is held by a lake, beach, river or nowhere near the ocean, you can still bring the water with you when you’re ready to say “I do.”

Having a dreamy, watercolor blue wedding can be a beautiful and memorable experience.  One way to bring this theme to life is by incorporating water elements to the decor.

Instead of floral arrangements, consider fishbowl centerpieces. The natural beauty of these displays will surely entertain your guests and serve as great conversation starters. Instead of breaking the bank on flowers, you may be able to save a bundle by purchasing scores of tiny aquatic creatures.

If you’re a little nervous about having live fish serve as decoration, skip the creatures and fill the bowls with smooth stones and submerged orchids for a romantic, ethereal look.

Of course, what’s a bride and groom to do with all those bowls after the bash is over? Simple. Raffle them off. Offer one person from every table a chance to win the centerpiece in a lottery or similar contest.

For a fun way to wrap up this oceanic wedding, present guests with kissing fish candle favors.  Simple yet offbeat thank-yous such as this are likely to leave party attendees breathless.

Inspired by:  Dreamy Watercolor Wedding