Eric’s Blog Emergency Poll: Honeymoon Destination Ideas

I interrupt your usually scheduled blog (episode 8 – calling all caterers!) because I need some emergency honeymoon advice from all of you.  You see,  I was put in charge of researching possible honeymoon destinations and now I have just 2 months left to find something.  I have no clue where to go.  No solid ideas.  Nada.  Zilch.  I don’t even have my passport (I lost mine and have been slow on replacing it – I hope that if I apply this week it will arrive in time!)

HELP! Does anyone out there have any suggestions for a honeymoon in mid July?  We want an exotic place that would allow us to relax (a beautiful sandy beach where you can order drinks and the water is warm and the sharks don’t bite) but also would provide some adventure options (hiking through a jungle would be cool or up to a volcano?  Snorkeling.  Good local flavor and restaurants would be ideal).

While we don’t have a huge budget, we really want to have at least a portion of our trip feel luxurious.  Possible places we have considered are the Caribbean (St. Lucia in particular) but isn’t July Hurricane season?  Hawaii (but which Island?- and is it too hot  there in July)?  Or even Mexico (or is that too risky with the whole Swine Flu scare)?

(image credit: The Telegraph)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and remember to check back here next week for my blog about caterers!
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