Creative Table Number Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Maybe you want family members to be able to sit together. Or maybe you want to introduce certain people to other people you know. Whatever your reason for assigning people to certain tables, place cards and table numbers are a super simple way to ensure guests can find their seats in time for the toast.

Here are a few of our favorite creative ideas from brides:

Traditional with a Twist

Sometimes simple is best, and nothing is simpler than sticking with just numbers. The great thing about numbers is they are infinitely customizable despite being so deceptively simple. Whether you use them as stark, contemporary centerpieces or as part of the overall décor, there are some great options to suit your style. As seen below, brides have come up with a variety of creative options including laser-cut paper, chipboard, metal with rhinestone embellishments, and hand-carved wood.

traditional table numbers made from paper, wood, metal, and more
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Pretty and Personal

Table numbers are can be a great opportunity to share something significant with guests by incorporating special little details that are important to the bride and groom. Not only will they help guests find their seats, but they may even inspire some great conversations! We have seen a few amazing ideas, including some cute takes on the traditional.

– Special numbers can be a great conversation when you describe what each number means to the newlyweds.

– The couple takes a photo of themselves holding up numbers, creating both a table number and a cute keepsake for after the event.

creative and personal table number and table name ideas
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Brides are even ditching the table numbers altogether and giving each table a name! The options are endless, especially when they stem from a shared love of something. Here are 45 ideas to jump-start your own creativity!

  • -board games
  • -books
  • -comic books
  • -famous couples
  • -movie stars
  • -movies
  • -favorite cities around the country or world
  • -favorite countries visited throughout the world
  • -famous landmarks around the world
  • -breeds of dogs
  • -breeds of cats
  • -personal pets
  • -types of flowers
  • -types of vegetables
  • -types of fruits
  • -types of wines
  • -car brands
  • -models of cars
  • -colors
  • -natural elements like stone, water, wood, fire, etc.
  • -cartoon characters and superheroes
  • -languages
  • -fashion designers
  • -music genres
  • -music bands
  • -musical instruments
  • -sports
  • -sports teams
  • -gemstones and precious metals
  • -desserts
  • -types of cuisine
  • -personal heroes
  • -TV shows
  • -art media (charcoal, paint, photography, etc.)
  • -cocktails
  • -craft beers
  • -types of candies
  • -time periods and eras
  • -favorite restaurants
  • -favorite chefs
  • -architectural styles
  • -art styles (impressionist, renaissance, etc.)
  • -card games or other Vegas games
  • -famous pirates
  • -favorite tech toys (bonus – invite guests to play with them at these tables!)

How did you number your tables for your wedding reception? Share your ideas in the comments!