Creative Beach Wedding Photoshoot Ideas Sure To Inspire

If you’re on the market for a beach wedding (or at minimum, a beach themed wedding), then you’re probably considered a bit of an unconventional and proudly avant-garde type of gal.

So why would an innovative bride-to-be such as yourself settle for humdrum, conventionally boring wedding photos? Well, you simply wouldn’t.

(image credit: Pinterest)

For the modernly bold bride, having a beach wedding requires equally creative and inspiring wedding photos. Here are some beach wedding photo shoot must-haves to achieve just that.


Drawing Lines in the Sand

(image credit: Captured Art)

No beach wedding photo shoot is complete without the quintessential drawing of the sand. We love the idea of taking this classic idea, and turning them into creative thank you cards!


Sunshine Sneak Peek

(image credit: Olga Thomas Photography)

Take advantage of the beautiful and natural surroundings for your shoot. This example perfectly highlights the couple’s love while allowing a peek of sun glare to poke through.


Don’t Turn Around

(image credit: Pinterest)

Have the photographer take a shot of you walking away, towards the ocean. This shot captures the beach vibe perfectly while conjuring imagery of “and they lived happily ever after as they walked into the sunset”.


Just Jump In

(image credit: Pinterest)

For the boldest of the bold? Get a shot of you and your now spouse while fully immersed in the ocean!


Celebrate the Ceremony Structure

(image credit: Swooned)

Vows made on the beach often begin with blank canvases. Meaning… there likely isn’t a built-in ceremony structure already in place. But, this also means that the structures are often unique, beautiful and well designed. So take advantage and be sure to capture this gorgeous photo opp.


Footsteps in the Sand

(image credit: Sarah Blackburne Photography)

You have to have a footsteps in the sand photo, it’s pretty much mandatory for any beach wedding. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We love this example where the focus is on the footsteps while the couple is blurred into the background.


Set The Mood

(image credit: Pinterest)

An advantage to a beach wedding is the vast amount of blank canvas (read long stretches of empty beach) and for a creative couple and photographer, this can mean paradise!


Don’t Forget the Silhouette

(image credit: Pinterest)

The bright blue sky, the deep blue waters, the glowing sunshine… all perfect components for a beautiful silhouette shot.


Lighten Up

(image credit: Three Nails Photography)

You’re outdoors in a beautiful paradise, take advantage of the natural lighting.


Upon Further Reflection

(image credit: Pinterest)

Using sunglasses as a prop in a beach photo shoot is a winner. We’re loving this version. It’s totally creative and still ultra romantic.


Change Your Perspective

(image credit: Wed Over Heels)

Okay… so this perspective shot looks great at ANY wedding venue. But really, how cool is this shot!?

Now that you’re feeling all beach-wedding-photo-shoot inspired, visit Beau-coup’s beach wedding page for even more inspirations!