Covered In Confetti! | Our Favorite Confetti DIY Projects

We can’t help but love all things covered in confetti! Which is exactly why we decided to round up 15 of our favorite DIY confetti projects – perfect for special occasions or even for just having around the house! There’s nothing quite like the beauty of glistening confetti, so keep scrolling to see our favorite projects and make sure to click on the links below the images to get full instructions on how you can make these projects come to life.

Confetti Packaging 

(image credit: Youaremyfav)

Confetti Candy Box 

(image credit: Pinterest)

Confetti Photo Backdrop

(image credit: StudioDIY)

Confetti Bowties 

(image credit: Omiyageblogs)

Confetti Sticks 

(image credit: Bestfriendsforfrosting)

Confetti Earings

Confetti Poppers

(image credit: Beau-coup)

Confetti Mug 

(image credit: Linesacross)

Confetti Crown 

(image credit: Bestfriendsforfrosting)

Confetti Paperweights 

(image credit: Theconfettibar)

Confetti Bracelets 

(image credit: Bestfriendsforfrosting)

Confetti Canons 

(image credit: Asubtlerevelry)

Confetti Flute Glasses 

(image credit: Pizzazzerie)

Confetti Votives 

(image credit: Bestfriendsforfrosting)

Confetti Monogram 

(image credit: Modpodgerocksblog)

Which of these projects do you plan on making? Is there another DIY confetti project you would like to share with us? We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave us a comment below!