Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Sweet Mom-osa Bar

Mother’s Day brunch just wouldn’t be the same without a little bubbly, which is exactly why we think you should include a “mom-osa” bar in your Mother’s Day celebration! A punny take on the always popular mimosa bar, all you need to set up this tasty station is a variety of juices, champagne, and fruits. Sweet and always satisfying, take a closer look at how to set up the perfect mom-osa bar.

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Whether you’re hosting a gathering of family or friends, this mom-osa bar is sure to be a hit. Start off by setting up a table or bar cart with flowers and any other decor as well as plates, bowls, and champagne flutes for holding beverages and fruits. To make the setting extra pretty, we recommend ditching the plastic bottles of juice and pouring them into carafes. Add a tag to each carafe with the flavor of juice to complete the look. Some fun flavors of juice to include are orange, guava, pineapple, mango, and cranberry.

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Next, add bottles of champagne and fresh sliced fruit. Use plates or bowls to display the fruit. Some tasty choices include raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and cranberries. For champagne, you’ll want approximately 1 bottle per 8-10 mimosas. If you have expecting mothers or children attending the gathering, make sure they have the option to make virgin mimosas! For the same bubbly effect, try swapping champagne for sprite or 7-up. Otherwise, a glass of juice with some added fruit will do the trick.

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(image credit: Lillianhopedesigns)

To make mimosas, combine equal parts champagne and juice. Then top with fresh fruit! Remember to replace champagne with sprite or 7-up for expecting mothers and little ones. There’s no wrong way to make a mimosa, so feel free to experiment with different juices and fruit additions. Voila! You’re all set to enjoy some tasty mimosas.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Do you have a mimosa recipe you would like to share with us?

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