C is for color

An engagement ring, like all other wedding accessories is an opportunity for self expression. It’s about style, as much as it is a symbol of your commitment to your partner. There are lots of variables: the center stone, the setting, side stones, the metal, and of course size and quality are all components that come together to form your perfect ring. These days, due to the recent popularity among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kobe Bryant, colored diamonds are the hottest trend in engagement rings. Colored stones are scarce, which makes them more expensive, especially when demand is high. Ironically, the grade of a diamond depends upon its clarity, or absence of color.

But because of these celebrity endorsements, jewelers are scrambling to find more and more colored diamonds to satisfy growing demand. My friend, referred to in an earlier entry, who is partial to anything blue, scored a beautiful, sapphire center stone, which, of course is perfect for her. She has never been one to follow the crowd, and the rare blue rock, rare for its particular cut and quality as much as for the color, spoke directly to her need to be unique. But you should beware, when shopping for a ring, of fleeting interest. Your engagement ring is going to be worn for a long time, and it might not be a good idea to purchase one based on an obsession with the latest. You want to choose a ring that is enduring.

This is probably why white diamonds are still, by far, the most common choice among brides. But if you’ve always been adventurous and you pride yourself on being original, I suggest looking into a colored diamond, or gemstone. The Natural Color Diamond Encyclopedia is a really cool site where you can look at dozens of colored diamonds, learn their history, as well as all kinds of interesting factoids. Although I can’t attest to the accuracy of the information, being inexpert on the subject, it does make for fun internet surfing, and might serve to inspire further research.

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