Beach Wedding Dress Code: For Brides, Grooms, Guests & Everyone In Between

When it comes to a casual yet elegant event like a beach wedding, dress code expectations get a bit blurry for everyone involved. You want to look equal parts beautiful, casual, dressy, and cool… all the while not look like you’re trying too hard.

Sounds impossible? Not at all! With these spot-on beach wedding dress code recommendations, you’ll be looking beach wedding perfect in no time.

The Bride

(image credit: Phase Eight)

When it comes to the bride’s beach wedding dress, it should be as carefree as the beach itself. Achieve this look with a flowy and unembellished dress. Lengthwise, both long or short will work fine but the important thing to focus on is the material. It should be lightweight and soft. Finish the look with either sandals, flip flops, or nothing at all!

The Groom

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A classic linen suit that’s light in color and airy in texture is the perfect choice for a beach-bound groom. You can also play with silks and cottons too, just keep the word “airy” in mind.


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For the blushing bridesmaids, opt for short dresses in pastel or earth tones to play up the beachy vibe. A material like chiffon will beautifully give the dresses a flowy feel. Pair with dressy sandals to complete the look.


(image credit: Aislinn Kate)

We’re loving this groomsmen look! Try outfitting your groomsmen in a light colored three-piece suit, minus the jacket (so a two-piece suit?). The khaki color gives the suit a casual vibe while the vest and festive tie dresses the outfit up with whimsy.

Female Guests

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As a female beach wedding attendee, you’ll want to  keep the bodycon dresses tucked away for an event like this. Instead, opt for a light and flowy summer dress. It can be long, short, or somewhere in between. Just keep it classy and casual by dressing it up with bright jewelry and fancy sandals.

Male Guests 

(image credit: Men’s Fashion World)

As a male guest to a beach wedding, do not make the mistake of going too casual. Keep the shorts and tee-shirts at home and opt for light slacks and a relaxed button up shirt instead. Flip flops are absolutely ok with an outfit and event like this, but boat shoes work best.