9 Great Graduation Party Ideas for Grads of All Ages

Graduation time is here, and grads of all ages are ready to toss aside the books and start celebrating. Here are 9 of our favorite fun graduation party ideas for every kind of grad.

High School Grads Will Enjoy:

Prom Bomb Party: Last month, they got all dressed up and serious – now is their chance to get silly. Rent out a hall, a restaurant, or use the backyard and encourage everyone to come in the worst prom dress or suit they can find. Make sure to set up a photo booth to capture all the crazy outfits.

Multiparty Party: Chances are there are multiple people in your grad’s class that want to party, and no one wants to be stuck choosing between friends! Check to see if your grad’s classmates would be open to having a joint party, where multiple people get to be the center of attention. Friendly forewarning: be prepared for a lot of people to show up!

College Prep: Invite friends and classmates over for dinner with a twist: Everyone is required to wear their school’s colors or branded logo gear. Keep the friendly rivalry going with games and have prizes on hand for the most creative and colorful getup.More importantly, make sure to shamelessly plug your grad’s school of choice when you’re planning your party décor – customized colored candy is a sweet and simple way to get everyone rooting for your team.

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College Grads Will Enjoy:

Theme Party: A theme party is the perfect way for a college grad looking to let loose after they’ve walked the stage. It’s the ideal combination of high school graduation nostalgia and fun college memories. Any number of summery themes will work, including luaus, fiestas, or Vegas casino night.

Grad Brunch: For a nice twist on the traditional party, why not host a graduation brunch? A tasty sit-down meal with those who love and support you will help you start post-grad life off on the right foot. As an added bonus, a grad brunch is a low-key way to recover from a late-night graduation party.

The Last Hurrah: You don’t have to leave college to get nostalgic for it. Why not use your graduation party to embrace your favorite things (and the things you’ll really miss) about your school? If your college is in an area known for its cuisine, celebrate with a foodie party. Have some Cajun food in New Orleans or a Philly Cheesesteak in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t have to be about food – if your school is known for football, music, or acting, embrace it as an easy theme!

Non-traditional Grads Will Enjoy:

These party ideas are perfect for grads who have returned to school after a long period of time off, or who are getting a first degree late in life.

Intimate Dinner Party: This is the time to really show off your grown-up culinary skills. Plan a menu of meals related to your college’s town or features. Or, invite everyone to bring a dish and celebrate potluck style. Celebrate memories and help people find their seats with beautiful graduation place card frames.

Backyard Bash: Keep it low-key with a backyard barbecue. Grill up some hotdogs and hamburgers for a simple, easy-to-prepare meal. Or get a little more culinary with chicken, steak, and kebabs. True barbecue artists will spend a few days on marinades and studying cooking times in order to fire up a feast everyone is sure to remember.

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Location, Location, Location: You’ve worked hard to get that degree, and sometimes it’s OK to hand off the reins of party planning to pros. Host a nice sit-down dinner at a local restaurant or set up a one-stop-shop party at a special events place. Go out for mini golf, a night at the movies, or take a trip to an amusement park. Or go all out and hire a party bus to take you around town!

Do you have great graduation party ideas? Tell us your story in the comments!