7 Ways to Help You Keep This Year’s New Year’s Resolution

Every year, there’s an influx of people at the gym for the first month or so come January 1st. But the numbers noticeably decline as weeks go by and it becomes painfully obvious that many have already quit their New Year’s resolution to work out.

This year, don’t be a quitter. Whether your goal is to lose weight, save money, work less, whatever – keep that New Year’s resolution with these 7 easy steps.


(image credit: Allison Pataki)

1) Talk about It – A Lot

Be annoyingly informative about your goal. Let your friends and family know. Write it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it in 140 characters or less. Whatever method you choose, just use it and communicate it.

By throwing your goal out there to the world, you’re held accountable and more likely to succeed. It might also provide support as people cheer you on throughout the process.


2) Set Realistic Goals

People tend to give up on their goals early on once they discover how difficult achieving said goal can be. So be wise when choosing and opt for realistic goals with true attainability.

For example, if you’re 5’2, maybe this isn’t the year to be resolving to play for the NBA. Whereas realistically, you can join a basketball league.


3) Set Measurable Goals

Resolving to “lose weight” or to “save money” are all wonderful resolutions, but how will you know if you’ve succeeded. Even if you have lost some weight and/or saved some money, how will you know you’ve reached your ultimate end goal?

In order to truly keep this resolution, be sure to set measurable goals. By having realistic numbers in mind, you’re able to quantify your progress which will motivate you to keep pushing forward.


4) Get the Tools

We’re not exactly advocating a shopping spree… but a few new “IT” items can really motivate one’s sprit, which ultimately helps you keep that resolution for the long haul.

Invest in some new workout clothes and equipment if you’re trying to work out more. Look into downloading a money tracking app to help you keep a weekly/monthly budget if your resolution is to save money.


5) Keeping Track

Now that you’ve set your measurable goal, keep track of your status. By recording your progress, you will be able to visually see – and consequently comprehend – where you stand towards final goal achievement.

Easily draft your own excel document to keep track or download an app to help with the heavy lifting.


6) Celebrate Milestones

That’s right, treat yo’self! Award yourself as you meet certain milestones as a way to keep your spirits and motivation up.

If you’ve been eyeing new jeans, then go ahead and treat yourself to a pair once you’ve reached a milestone – in a new smaller size of course!


7) Leave Wiggle Room for Slip-Ups

The worst thing you can do is to give up. Don’t give up just because you aren’t succeeding as well as you had hoped.

If you fall off the wagon, then get back on and try again. Cut yourself some slack and understand that you’re changing a habit – which takes time, strength, and energy. Slip-ups will happen along the way, just don’t let them deter you from keeping your goal(s).


By following these simple steps, you’re developing healthy new habits to help you keep and ultimately meet your New Year’s resolution. Just keep on keepin’ on and know that you can do it!