5 Ways to Use Mason Jars this Christmas

Mason jars are practical and pretty pieces that not only make good packaging, but great craft pieces, too. And today we’re excited to share a few of our favorite ways to use mason jars this Christmas! Take a look at our favorite 5 ideas below and be sure to let us know which is your favorite.

1. Gift Card Snow Globe 

(image credit: Pinterest)

Spruce up your gift card wrapping, by turning gift cards and mason jars into a snowglobe!

2. Christmas In A Jar – Mulling Spice Gift 

(image credit: Nestofposies)

This easy-t0-assemble gift holds all the heavenly scents of Christmas.

3. Snow Globe Soap Dispenser 

(image credit: Creativegreenliving)

Use a mason jar to create a beautiful snowglobe soap dispenser! It’s the perfect addition to holiday home decor for years to come.

4. Traditional Snowglobe 

(image credit: Classyclutter)

Nothing says Christmas like a traditional snowglobe. Add snowmen, reindeer, or any other festive pieces you like to create a decorative piece they’ll love to display every Christmas.

5. Festive Sugar Scrub

Homemade sugar scrub makes a great Christmas gift, especially when it has festive touches such as peppermint scent! Package it in a mason jar to pretty packaging that’s also easy to open, close, and store the scrub.

How do you plan on using mason jars this Christmas?