5 Pretty Ways to Incorporate Peaches into Your Wedding

Fruit is a simple, fun, and pretty way to add personality to your wedding decor, and after pulling together one of our all-time favorite wedding collections — Love, Laughter — we’ve been totally obsessing over peaches. Can you blame us? Not only are peaches pretty decorative pieces, but absolutely delicious too. Plus, peach pairs well with so many color palettes! Our current favorite being peach and steel blue. So to help you get as excited as we are about peaches, we’ve included 5 of our favorite ways to incorporate them into your wedding. Take a look at our list below.

As a Place Card 

A peach place card on a blue plate.

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Using peaches as a place card holder is a fun and unique idea. Simply slice a line on the side of your peach and insert the place card.

As a Centerpiece 

A peach wedding centerpiece.

(image credit: Borrowedandblue)

There are many ways to include peaches in your centerpieces. Try displaying them in a raised bowl like the image above, mixing with flowers, placing in water-filled votives and more.

As Drink Garnish 

A peach wedding drink in a dispenser.

(image credit: Pinterest)

To make your peach drink and other tasty beverages all the more pretty and flavorful, be sure to opt for peach garnish. Try cutting peaches into tiny pieces for a dispenser, or placing a piece of sliced peach on the rim of your glasses.

As a “Cake Topper” 

A white wedding cake with flowers and peaches.

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

With a beautiful, natural color, peaches make a stunning cake topper. Try placing the whole peach on top of, or on the side of the cake, or slice open the peaches first for another presentation idea. Peaches mix well with both vanilla and chocolate frosted cakes, so you can’t go wrong.

As a Favor 

A peach jam wedding favor in a jar tied with ribbon and a wooden spoon.

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Last but not least, peaches make an excellent wedding favor. You can gift whole peaches, or opt for something a little more creative like peach jam or peach flavored candies.

Do you plan on incorporating peached into your wedding? Have you taken a peek at our steel blue and peach Love, Laughter wedding collection yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment below.