5 Offbeat Wedding Ceremony Locations for Quirky Couples

Recently, a happy couple made headlines with their nuptials when they had their Las Vegas wedding at a Denny’s. When we saw the news, we were thrilled to recognize them as customers who ordered custom poker chips from us for their ceremony in Sin City. It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony complete with beautiful flowers and plenty of champagne. We loved their creative use of favors and locations so much that we looked into other unique wedding ceremonies.

happy couple weds at Denny's in Las Vegas
{ image credit : ABC News }

What do you do if you love a good bargain as much as you love your fiancé? You get married in a 99 Cents Only store! That’s what this happy couple did back in 2009. Their local store held an unbeatable special – get married on 09/09/09 for $0.99. The décor consisted entirely of items available for sale within the store, and a total of 9 married couples took their vows in the store that day. We think they scored a major deal!

couples wed on 09-09-09 in 99 cent store
{ image credit : LA Weekly Blog }

Some sporting enthusiasts are celebrating their love with a literal shotgun wedding. From hunting themed weddings to ceremonies held within an actual live ammo gun range, couples are electing to incorporate something they’re passionate about – firearms – into their big days. These couples look like they’ve hit the bullseye!

Couple has literal shotgun wedding
{ image credit : Naij }

Why race to the altar when you could build an altar on the race track? A hugely popular sport, racing has captured the imaginations of eager couples who want to get a lot closer to the action. There are entire websites dedicated to helping racing enthusiast bride-to-bes plan their ideal trackside wedding ceremony. It’s so sweet when a couple shares a passion – that’s the mark of a couple who has long haul potential!

Racing fans tie the knot on the track
{ image credit : The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Racing }

Some ultra-adventurous couples are ready to fall in love, literally. Companies are cropping up offering the opportunity to say “I do” in free-fall. During the ceremony, the duo and their witnesses are in the rear of a modified cargo plane, which flies at an altitude of around 24,000 feet. The specially-trained pilots fly the plane in U-shaped patterns – every dip results in zero gravity weightlessness lasting for 20-30 seconds. Sounds like the perfect ceremony for couples willing to take the ultimate plunge!

Couple gets married in zero gravity free fall
{image credit : Go Zero G }

We loved the creativity of these happy pairs, but we want to know what you think! Have you ever considered one of these options for your ceremony? Did you have a wedding at an even more creative venue? Tell us in the comments below!