5 Easy Steps To Hosting A Glamorous Oscar Party

For the category of best Oscar party thrown by a hostess, the Oscar goes to… YOU!

Are you hosting an Oscar party this Sunday? If so, we’ve got 5 easy-peasy words of advice for you below. In the case that you’re not, guess what… we’ve still got 5 easy-peasy words of advice that will inspire you to throw your very own soiree this Sunday. Who says being glamorous isn’t easy?  (Because it is…)

1) Decorations

For an Oscar viewing party, first impressions make all the difference. Make sure guests are wowed immediately with your careful attention to details.

(image credit: Pinterest)

This can be easily achieved by creating a grand entrance. Roll out a red carpet on your entrance way (easy to do with red towels!).


(image credit: Everyday Celebrating)

Easily bring to life an old “Hollywood-Glam” vibe by adding touches of gold and art deco inspired pieces. These gold painted Ken dolls… genius!


2) Food

A good party is only as good as its food. People tend to congregate by the kitchen for a reason right?! So for your Oscar party, be sure to serve up some delicious and on-theme fare.

(image credit: Better Homes & Garden)

Hot dogs get the star treatment! Dress any food item by wrapping a tuxedo “outfit” on them. Ultra cute and yummy!

(image credit: Buzzfeed)

No movie night is complete without popcorn and that goes for movie awards night too. Be ready with plenty of popcorn so guests can have their pick. Personally, we can’t wait to try the Sriracha flavor!


3) Cocktails

There should be plenty of fun drinks at your party. Particularly if you’re focusing on the old Hollywood glamour theme, as the prohibition era and old Hollywood go hand in hand.

(image credit: Pinterest)

This cocktail is ideal for any Oscar party. It’s as refreshing as it is pretty to look at it. The added gold stirrers perfectly pull this look together.


4) Dress

Be sure to dress the part and let guests know of the dress code beforehand. This is a black tie affair after all!

(image credit: ModCloth)

We like these inspired looks from ModCloth. One fancy, one casual, both glamorous and perfectly Oscar worthy. But if you’re looking for more dress ideas, then let the below celebrity dresses inspire you!

(image credit: Fashion Wiki)


5) Favors & Games

Lastly, provide ample amount of favors and games for guests. These party accessories are important as it tends to be what guests remember most.

(image credit: Beau-coup)

These gold favor boxes double as place card holders and perfectly match your Hollywood Oscar theme. Just fill with yummy treats or fun trinkets!

(image credit: Studio DIY)

Blame it on our competitive nature, but we think betting on the Oscar winners is half the fun in watching the awards! Learn how to make your own DIY ballots by clicking on the above image.