4 Essentials for Surviving an Outdoor Rustic Farm Wedding

It’s July and our theme for the month is any and everything rustic. In honor of this month’s theme, we’ve been dreaming up the ideal summertime barnyard wedding and we knew we had to include a guide to help outdoor wedding guests get through the bride and groom’s big day. Check out this handy list of essential items to help you survive any outdoor country wedding with class and style.

Save Your Face

Powder is the enemy. If you’re worried about your makeup running in the sweltering sun, your best bet is to pack a small makeup bag with oil-free blotting papers, travel-sized containers of your makeup, tissues, and perhaps a small bottle of makeup setting spray. You’ll be able to prevent your makeup from migrating down your face as the sun gets higher in the sky, as well as stay fresh-faced and gorgeous up until it’s your turn to pose for pictures with the newlyweds.

wedding travel makeup kit for outdoor rustic wedding
{ image credit : Fashion Chalet }

Protect Your Skin

The key to youthful, fresh skin is preventing sun damage. Make sure you keep yourself picture perfect by protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a good sunscreen. As a wedding guest, you get to experiment with pretty parasols or a fashion-forward sun hats without worrying about clashing with the wedding party. And dressing in layers does double duty – you’ll keep UV rays from doing damage to your skin while being prepared for any sudden weather changes.

outdoor wedding with parasol sun protection
{ image credit : United with Love }

Keep it Clean

Add people, props, and the outdoors together and what do you get? Often, a mess. To help keep your fabulous outfit clean, make sure to bring along a kit containing at least a stain remover pen and a deodorant mark remover. Wearing light cotton clothes will help you not only beat the heat, but will ensure that any stains that do happen won’t require a special trip to the dry cleaner.

high heel guards solemates for outdoor wedding
{ image credit : SoleMates }

And finally, if you have the perfect pair of heels to go with the summer sundress you were planning on wearing, it’d be a shame to have them ruined by the muck and mud found all over most farmyards. Make sure you don’t sink into the ground by outfitting those stilettos with heel guards. These add-ons help more evenly distribute weight, preventing your heels from sinking into the grass or getting caught in sidewalk cracks.

Be Good to Your Body

Last but not least, keep in mind that outdoor weddings and country settings can wreak havoc on any body. Drink plenty of water, even if it means keeping a small bottle in your purse or shoulder bag.

wedding day emergency kit for guests
{ image credit : District Weddings }

Odds are you and the other guests will be walking around and taking in the surroundings as the festivities get started. All that dust and pollen may mess with your head, so consider putting together an emergency kit complete with spare hair ties, moist wipes, tissues, antihistamines for any surprise allergy attacks, and aspirin or other pain relievers to help ward off headaches.

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