31 Halloween Treats to Make for Your Halloween Party

There are so many fun ways to turn cupcakes, cookies, fudge, and more into spooky Halloween treats. So just in time for the holiday, we’re here to share 31 of our favorite treats that are perfect for serving at your upcoming Halloween party! Check them out below, click on the links under each image for recipes, and be sure to share your favorites with us. Happy (almost) Halloween!

1. Cauldron Cupcakes 

(image credit: Apumpkinandaprincess)

2. Spiderweb Brownies 

(image credit: Ourlifetastesgood)

3. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats 

(image credit: Forkandbeans)

4. Ghost Meringues 

(image credit: Smartschoolhouse)

5. Reeses Cup Werewolf Cupcakes 

(image credit: Hungryhappenings)

6. Witches Brew 

(image credit: Homeandhooplah)

7. Eyeball Cake Pops 

(image credit: Bakerella)

8. Skeleton Cupcakes 

(image credit: Yourcupofcake)

9.  Slime Popcorn 

(image credit: Momdot)

10. Oreo Bats 

(image credit: Oneshetwoshe)

11. Dracula’s Fangs Cookies 

(image credit: Thegirlwhoateeverything)

12. Halloween Chocolate Bark 

(image credit: Greatideas)

13. Frankenstein Punch 

(image credit: Momdot)

14. Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle  Mummy Bake 

(image credit: Lecremedelacrumb)

15. Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cupcakes 

(image credit: Ladybehindthecurtain)

16. Graveyard Mousse 

(image credit: Mittkok)

17. Monster Cupcakes 

18. Halloween Oreo Cake Bars 

(image credit: Idigpinterest)

19. Monster Marshmallows 

(image credit: Findingzest)

20. Vampire Cake Pops 

(image credit: Momsandmunchkins)

21. Halloween Pinwheel Cookies 

(image credit: Thesimpleparent)

22. Spooky Cookies 

(image credit: Lovetobeinthekitchen)

23. Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Frosting Cupcakes 

(image credit: Justataste)

24. Spider Egg Donuts 

(image credit: Familyfreshmeals)

25. Coffin Pop Tarts 

(image credit: Mycrazygoodlife)

26. Pretzel Monsters 

(image credit: Stayingclosetohome)

27. Wicked Witch Cupcakes 

(image credit: Yourcupofcake)

28. Spooky Eyeball Fudge Brownies 

(image credit: Bigbearswife)

29. Orange Vanilla Halloween Mini Cupcakes 

(image credit: Thesoccermomblog)

30. Pretzel Bones 

(image credit: Cincyshopper)

31. Brain Cupcakes 

(image credit: Sugarhero)

Which of these Halloween treats are you dying to try?