11 Sweet Lavender Dessert Recipes

Ahh, lavender. Sweet smelling, soothing, and the prettiest of colors, we just can’t resist you. With spring almost here and our new Lovely Lavender spring wedding collection becoming a huge hit with our brides, we thought what better way to celebrate the upcoming season than with some lavender infused sweets? Perfect for a celebration, or just a weekend treat, check out 11 of our favorite lavender desserts below, click on the images for full recipes and be sure to venture on to our Lovely Lavender page too for even more spring inspiration.

1) Rosemary Lavender Cake 

(image credit: Sprinklesforbreakfast)

2) Flourless Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes 

(image credit: Wallflowerkitchen)

3) Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream 

(image credit: Thefarmersdaughter)

4) Lemon Lavender Tartlet 

(image credit: Aprilgolightly)

5) Caramelized Peach Lavender Scones 

(image credit: How Sweet It Is)

6) Honey Lavender Macarons 

(image credit: Hintofvanillablog)

7) Lavender Lemon Angel Food Cake 

(image credit: Theendlessmeal)

8) Salted White Chocolate Lavender Cookies 

(image credit: Spachethespatula)

9) Lavender Lemon Loaf Cake 

(image credit: Spiceinthecity)

10) Lavender, Thyme, & White Chocolate Scones 

(image credit: Abeautifulmess)

11) Honey Lavender Cheesecake 

(image credit: Sprinklesforbreakfast)

Which of these lavender dessert recipes are you dying to try?