10 Creative Ways (Excuses) To Bust Out Confetti For Any Occasion

We LOVE confetti! But really, who doesn’t!?

Confetti is fun, festive, and the perfect accessory to any celebratory occasion. We can’t think of another party essential that so effortlessly screams “hooray!” better than confetti.

Join us now as we celebrate all things confetti! There’s a million reasons to party in life and as luck would have it, there’s probably a million and one ways to use confetti (we’re pretty sure about this “fact”… yup). But for the sake of brevity, let’s go with these top 10 creative ways to bust out the confetti.


1) Bags of Confetti

(image credit: Pinterest)

We’re taking a page from our sisters over at Swoozie’s. Their mantra is to always keep a little bag of confetti, just in case. We’re totally digging this idea and think that your guests would too. Bag up some confetti favors to leave by the door for a festive favor guests will love.


2) Throw It Up, Throw It Up

(image credit: Samantha Scott Events)

Try tossing confetti at the newly wed bride and groom as they exit the chapel instead of traditional rice. In many places, rice is banned as it’s a choking hazard to pigeons, so not only is this alternative safer (as long as you choose biodegradable confetti), it’s WAY more festive and pretty.


3) Sprinkle On To Table Tops

(image credit: Rock N Roll Bride)

No matter the occasion, formal or casual, a tabletop just looks a bit more finished with a dusting of confetti – dontcha think? For more formal affairs, choose a metallic gold or silver confetti for added glamour. For casual events, go bright and vibrant to match the decor.


4) Confetti Garland

(image credit: The Sweetest Occasion)

Confetti makes a great decorative accessory and it’s easy to DIY too. Take a stab at creating your own DIY garland with this guide from The Sweetest Occasion.


5) Confetti Flutes

(image credit: Pizzazzerie)

This DIY project is a fantastic way to confetti-fy champagne flutes for New Year’s Eve. Learn how over at Pizzazzerie!


6) Stuff Into Invitations

(image credit: Zank You)

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or New Year’s invitation, be sure to add a small handful of confetti into each envelope. Guests will love the instant party vibe – and all they had to do was open an envelope!


7) Confetti Coasters

(image credit: Redesign Revolution)

Another easy DIY confetti project. This one is brought to us by Redesign Revolution.


8) Confetti Cake

(image credit: Sugar Bakery & Cafe)

In the batter or on the icing, no party is complete without a totally cool confetti cake.


9) Confetti Piñata

(image credit: Trend Hunter)

Just because we’re adults at grown-up parties doesn’t mean a piñata can’t be involved! But instead of the traditional candy-filled versions, load it up with confetti. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and ecstatic as the confetti explosion starts to pour out.


10) Surprise Bucket

(image credit: Not On The High Street)

For a surprise party, up the surprise ante by rigging a bucket filled with confetti over the door jam. As the birthday person opens the door, strategically position it so that a secured bucket unleashes a confetti shower over them while you and guests yell “Surprise”!