7 Creative Venues You May Have Never Considered For Hosting a Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower for an expectant mommy-to-be can be an extremely rewarding, joyous, and bonding experience. It can also prove to have its difficulties when it comes to choosing themes, party games (luckily we have that area covered with our ‘Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games‘), and venue location.

Today we tackle the latter. Choosing the right venue is not as simple as you may have expected – or at least had hoped it to be. Details such as distance, capacity, seating arrangements, food/catering capabilities must be thoughtfully considered. While hosting in your living room may be ideal, it may not work if you are a city dweller, have commuting guests, or have a large guest list. Here are some viable alternatives that prove cost efficient and good-times inducing!

1) At A Local Restaurant

When going this route, opt for restaurants with bigger/private backrooms, particularly if you intend on playing shower games. If your restaurant of choice does not offer a backroom, ask to make a reservation for a far back corner of the restaurant. This way, you’ll have a bit of privacy for games and activities.

With this option, you can check both venue and food off of your shower to-do-list!

2) At Your Community Center

Hosting a shower at your local community center is an economical solution when bouncing around venue options. The facilities are usually large enough to accommodate a larger party and with indoor and outdoor options, themes and activities can be tailored to your exact preferences.

3) At A Tea Room

Sipping tea from fine china, munching on finger sandwiches, and the mommy-to-be unwrapping prettily decorated gift boxes… this sweet and girly option is an ideal venue choice for an all-female guest list.

4) At A Hotel

Hosting at a hotel is a good option if you’re looking for convenience. You can rent a meeting room or actual hotel room to house your guests, decorations, food, and games. When the party is over, cleanup is easily taken care of by the hotel staff (just remember to tip)!

5) At A Home

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely considering venue options outside of your own home. This doesn’t mean that you have to take the possibility of hosting at any home off the table however. If your dwelling is too small or essentially unsuitable for hosting the event for whatever reason, reach out to close family members or friends of the expectant mother for housing options, or even the mom-to-be herself! Perhaps there is an excited guest that will be more than happy to volunteer hosting the event at her home!

6) At Your Church, Temple, or Synagogue

Local churches often have additional rooms where social events can be held. If you are an active member, check with your church’s administration regarding renting the space. There may or may not be a nominal fee/donation.

7) At The Park

Barring potential restroom, seating, and weather obstacles, a park – if well planned – can be a fun and creative venue for hosting a baby shower. It’s free, it’s spacious, and it’s ideal for grilling and picnicking!