Your Guide to the Perfect Favor Jar: The Right Size and Design for Your Favors

When it comes to favors for your event, we believe that the best way to present them is through stylish packaging. And one of our absolute favorite packaging items is favor jars. What we really love about jars is that they are easy to open and close, reusable, and sturdy. Plus, jars can easily be personalized with a label, printed text or logos, tags, or garnish. Another great thing about jars is that they can hold such a variety of favors whether solid or liquid. No matter what favor you have in mind for your upcoming event, whether it be candy, candles, spices, or a sugar scrub, we’re here to help you find the perfect jar that has the design you want and the size you need. Take a look at our guide to the perfect favor jar below, and be sure to let us know what you plan on filling your favor jars with.

What favor do you plan on handing out at your event? Which of these jars would you choose?