Valentine’s Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Jayme Hunsinger, the winner of our Facebook Valentine’s Giveaway!   Thanks to Jayme and our entire Facebook community for contributing their favorite Valentine’s Day moments.  Read them all on our Facebook page.  Here are just a few of our favorites…

Laurie Hacko ? ?  My favorite Valentine memory was last year it was a cold night and my now husband went out into the kitchen and made us each a cup of tea. To my surprise he had taken the tag off of my teabag and tied the most beautiful engagement ring to it. It took me a few moments to notice. But when I did I was and still am the… happiest girl in the world!   We used your personalized tea bags and honey jars for our favors at our wedding to symbolize this unforgettable moment. They were great and everyone loved them. Thank you!

Kelly Spurlock ? ? My favorite Valentine’s Day memory…the year my boyfriend broke up with me a couple weeks before so I wasn’t looking forward to it all…my dad sent me two dozen roses at work the day before Valentine’s Day so I didn’t feel sad and I got to have my own special day!!

Renee Shea ? ? This is an easy one for me… my beautiful husband writes me a Valentine’s poem each and every year. I have a scrapbook of about 15 of them.  Love him to bits.

Kelli Vanderpool-Lutz ? ? Getting lots of Valentine’s in the 1st grade in my big envelope with my name on it next to the chalkboard. Ahhhh!  Hurried home from the school bus and took them out one by one… That is when the crushes with the boys began.

Holly Treaster ? ? One of my favorite Valentines’ Day was when I was younger. I was recently single and my best friend canceled her plans to have a girl’s day with me.

Jayme Hunsinger ? ?  My favorite Valentine’s Day moment was when I told my husband that we were pregnant with our now 3 month old daughter…I found out the day prior that I was pregnant…to tell my husband I had a chocolate card made saying “We’re Expecting” and gave it to him the next day very early in the morning!!!