Trending – Pinata Cakes

Is there anything more fun then a pinata at your party? Actually… there may be. A pinata cake! And we don’t mean a cake that just looks like a pinata – it actually has surprise goodies inside! This idea works for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and even ice cream. Keep scrolling to see some of our very favorite pinata inspired treats.

(image credit: Sallysbakingaddiction)

Pinata cakes may look complicated, but they are actually easier to make then you think. The secret – making sure there is a hollow center. This can easily be done by cutting a hole in the middle. Fill with your favorite treats, top off with the circular piece of cake you just cut out, frost, and wa-la!

(image credit: Heatherchristo)

We are back to the basics, only this time mini-sized. Cut a hole into the center of your cupcake, fill, top, and frost! This is a great idea if you’re looking for a pinata treat that’s a little easier to eat, and can be brought on the go.

(image credit: Sweetlulublog)

This unique idea may be even easier then the first. Simply fill your already hollow ice cream cones with candy, and top off with a cookie and frosting. Now you have a delicious ice cream looking treat, with a surprise inside.

(image credit: Sheknows)

Okay, so this last one is actually shaped like a pinata, but it also has goodies inside! These cookies require a little more time and patience to make – but the end result is well worth it. For a video tutorial, click on the link in the image credit.

We hope you’ve gotten some yummy ideas for your very own pinata desserts! With a little patience and creativity, you’ll be making your own in no time. Do you think you’ll give this trend a try at your next event?