Top 10 Grown-Up Themed Birthday Party Ideas

These days, there’s a lot of focus on making kids’ birthday parties the biggest and best they can be. We’re glad the kiddos get to have a blast for their big days, but we think the adults should celebrate with awesome birthday bashes too! Here are our top ten themed birthday ideas for the big kids in us all:

1.       Get Competitive with a Sports Theme

Sports – proof that adults love to play as hard as they work. Whether it’s billiards, bowling, or basketball, competition brings out our playful side and makes a sports theme a great party for any sports lover. Have the guests dress in jerseys or team colors and head to a local pub to catch the game, or start a game of your own with prizes for the winners.

2.       Double Down at the Casino with a Vegas Theme

This classic party theme will leave everyone feeling like a winner. Either take a trip to the nearest casino (or Vegas!), or decorate your party venue to look like one. Set up different gaming tables and take friendly bets from your guests. Customize the event with personalized playing cards and chips. For food, set up your very own buffet and invite guests to serve themselves.

3.       Brew Up a Backyard Beer Tasting Party

Perfect for beer aficionados of both genders, a beer tasting party is sure to quench their thirst. Dress down and celebrate with finger foods in true game-day style, or make it a sit-down affair complete with tasting notes and official food pairings.

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4.       Go Back in Time with a Period Party

Want to get glamorous with pin-up style? Love getting your disco on? Enjoy brightly colored leotards and headbands? Take a trip back to yesteryear by picking your favorite decade and asking everyone to come in costume! Make it more fun by ordering special foods and treats from that era.

5.       Visit Margaritaville with a Jimmy Buffett Theme

Take a trip to an island paradise without going anywhere! With a Jimmy Buffett theme, everyone can embrace their inner beach bum, complete with Hawaiian print shirts, cargo shorts, sandals, and bathing suits. Keep the margaritas and pina coladas flowing freely, and make sure to toss something tasty on the grill!

6.       Glam It Up with an Old-World Puttin’ on the Ritz Theme

Sometimes you just gotta dress up, and a ritzy 20s-era theme allows everyone to feel like royalty for the day.

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7.       Get Down and Dirty (literally) with a Camping Party

Not every party has to be official or even have a structure. Sometimes the most fun can be had with a trip out into nature for a few days, complete with outdoor fun, food, and friends. With no timeline and no dress code, a camping trip can be the perfect way to escape the pressures of everyday life while celebrating a birthday in (dressed down) style.

8.       Make it about Mixology with a Mad Scientist Theme

Don’t be afraid to mix it up! A mad scientist party allows people to mix and match different food and drink flavor combinations for a truly custom experience. Have a bar with different mixers, spirits, garnishes, and syrups so each guest can dream up their own cocktail. Then design a menu with unconventional flavor pairings so that everyone can experience something new. As an added bonus, use dry ice as a fun way to chill drinks!

9.       Do it in Style with a Diva Day

These days, an “all about me” day doesn’t have to be reserved for weddings. Every girl could use a little pampering, and with a diva day party, her best girlfriends can join in on the self-spoiling fun! If the birthday girl loves shopping, mani/pedis, and a day out with the girls, why not plan the birthday party to suit her glam tastes?

10.      Get Unconventional with an Unbirthday Party

Finally, do you really need a reason to celebrate? If we learned anything from Alice in Wonderland, it’s that any day is a good day to throw a party. Whether your birthday is coming up or you simply are looking for an excuse to get together with friends, consider throwing an unbirthday party. We think tea is a faaaaaabulous idea.

Honorable mention:

Getting old doesn’t have to be scary or boring – it can be fun too! Sometimes you just gotta embrace getting older, like these guys did.

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What are your ideas for the ultimate grown-up birthday party? Tell us in the comments!