Top 10 Creative Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids you know. Whether you’re celebrating 21, 30, 75 or anything in between, this post’s for you!

This year, celebrate with a fresh idea. Ditch the traditional birthday party scene for a more daring and out-of-the-box celebration. You and your guests are going to love the change in scenery.

Here’s our top 10!

1) Dave & Busters

Remember when you would go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a birthday party? Remember how much FUN that was?! Relive those glory days (minus the scary human-sized singing animals) by having your next birthday party at a Dave & Busters. This bar/arcade/restaurant is an adult party paradise. Win tickets, play skee ball, drink beer. It’s your party, treat yourself!

2) Amusement park

If you’re interested in having a daytime event, invite guests to join you at your local amusement park. For the thrill seekers, there’s no better way to defy death than by screaming at the top of your lungs from a 10 story high rollercoaster drop!

3) Comedy Show

Not feeling particularly excited about another year? Try having a good laugh about it at a comedy club. If anything, it can serve as a good distraction.

For the braver souls however, see if you can make a reservation near the stage for you and your party. You’re bound to get a good heckling and if you’re the birthday boy/girl… watch out!

4) Be a Tourist

Use your birthday as a good excuse to finally check out those tourist traps that you’ve been putting off. Walk the bridge, tour the mansion, ride the ferry. Whatever the popular tourist attraction for your area, give it a try for a boldly different experience when compared to the typical at-home birthday dinner.

5) Jazz Club

As you age, you’re probably getting a little classier year by year. Well… while this may or may not be true, if you at least feel like classing things up, try hosting your party at a local jazz club. Can’t you just see it now, you and your friends sipping on manhattans while live jazz plays in the background? There’s nothing classier!

6) Culture Club

Now that you’re about to be (x amount) years old, it couldn’t hurt to interject a little culture into your repertoire could it? For those that seek a little culture for their big day, might we suggest a day/night at the museum?

A growing trend of museum night life is popping up throughout the country and would be the perfect scene for an adult (read cocktails) and highly cultured celebration.

7) Piano Bar

For the musically inclined, try having your next soiree at a piano bar. This option is entertaining and highly underestimated.  Themed piano bars exist throughout the country and with a little research, you can find dueling piano bars, cabaret piano bars, and sing-along piano bars. You may surprise yourself with what a fun and ruckus night out this ends up being!

8) Bowling

If you’re looking for a more casual birthday celebration, give bowling a try. It’s a fantastic group event that promotes mingling amongst otherwise shy guests. You can even turn this party into a competition by renting out multiple lanes.

9) Speakeasy

Don’t just go to any bar for your birthday… go to a speakeasy! This retro trend is popping up left and right and with good reason. At a speakeasy themed bar, you’re likely to find delicious mixed cocktails, beautiful interiors, and vintage-styled bartenders and servers. So if you’re looking for a creative spin on an otherwise typical bar-held birthday party, a speakeasy themed bar is a fantastic alternative.

10) Murder Mystery Dinner

The butler, in the kitchen, with the candlestick! No, this isn’t a night-in playing a game of clue in the living room. We’re suggesting hosting your upcoming birthday party at a murder mystery show! This interactive dinner/play is a great way to get guests interacting with one another and the actors. It’s a classic whodunit birthday party.

Hopefully this top 10 list gave you a few great options for creative birthday celebration venues and activities. But if you’re sticking with the tried and true, hosting a party night-in, then check out our post for party games for adults!