Who’s Your Daddy…and What Does He Love?

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for Dad and it’s tempting to fall back on the tried-and-true tie. To help you look like a hero and toss the tie, we came up with some gift ideas for different types of Dads based on personality. If you’re stuck on what to get Dad this Father’s Day, check out these gifts (and more) in our special Father’s Day gift shop.

Is your Dad:


personalized beer belt If your Dad is a practical jokester, always plotting the perfect prank and planning his next tall tale-worthy trick, he is probably part of our silly category. He probably owns all the classic prankster must-haves – whoopee cushions, a disappearing ink pen, and trick cards. After he’s pulled his latest laugh-worthy stunt, give him a personalized beer belt. He can strut his stuff attached to his favorite brews, and for a change you get to have the last laugh!


personalized NFL beer mug If your Dad is a walking encyclopedia of sports stats and owns a jersey for each of his teams, he may be part of our sporty category. It’s likely he has season tickets to his favorite local teams, and has made it his mission to meet his sports idols someday. For your favorite sports nut, we recommend a personalized NFL medallion beer mug. This gift combines two of Dad’s favorite things: athletic competition and adult beverages.


engraved pocket watch If your Dad is always polished to perfection and never has a hair out of place, he may just be in our stylish category. Chances are he has the ideal suit for every situation, and owns a collection of chic accessories that make his outfits super snappy. For your fashionable father, we recommend a gorgeous engraved silver plated pocket watch. It makes a stunning addition to any suit, and later on can be a treasured family heirloom.

Serious About Grilling?

grill and golf BBQ tool set If your Dad is attached to his grill or smoker during the summer months, he may fit into our smoky category. Odds are he has a special technique for preparing the perfect ribs every time, or created his own secret (and addictive) sauce. If so, make sure you give him something that suits his grill-master status. We suggest a personalized grill and golf BBQ set, with all the tools he needs to fix up a feast, packed up in a neat golf-themed carrying case.

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