How We Celebrate Easter at Beau-coup!

We love ALL holidays and special occasions here at Beau-coup, but Easter has special significance to us. Why?  Because of the Beau-coup Bunnies, of course!

This Easter, we brought in our favorite fuzzballs and took time to pose for pictures with them.

The Beau-coup bunnies visit the office for Easter!

These guys are pretty energetic, but we managed to get some great pictures with them in and around the office, and on a cute little tree stump in our photo studio. They even posed nicely with our Creative Director, Winnie (left) and one of our Tech Gurus, Rahul (right).

{ For even more Beau-coup pets, check out our Facebook photo album! }

Eventually the bunnies got tired and we had to let them get some rest. But that is when the fun really started – each member of the Beau-coup family got a cute little Easter basket!

Beau-coup Easter baskets

Each basket was filled with colorful Easter grass and a variety of chocolates and jelly beans in a carrot-shaped container. And no Easter basket would be complete without a bunny Peep!

All in all, our Easter was pretty amazing. How about you? What did you do to celebrate? Tell us in the comments below!